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Auro OtoSys IM600 Adds BMW, VW, Volvo and GM

Auro OtoSys IM600 updated Immo Program, China, International models on 2018/09/04. Adding BMW, VW, Volvo and GM IMMO models. 

Immo Program Version Number V1.53  2018/09/04

1.HiTag BMW reading key ID, reading information, write page data for UP200
2.VW Magotan CC key making, find the 7th byte, unlockk function for UP200 & UP400
3. CAS4_1L15Y chip write function for UP400
4. MC9S12XEP100_RWUNLOCK chip unlock, lock, write, read function for UP400
5. VOLVO_KVM_TYPE1 chip read function for UP400

1. The firmware upgrade 
China Version number V3.87 Release date 2018/09/05 

NEW: Independent upgrade 

international models Version number V2.30 Release data 2018/09/04

1.The function of GM: Pontiac/G6/2005-2009/Blade Key/Remote System 
2. The keyless system function of Volvo model as follow:
S80 ( 2008-2016), V60 ( 2011-2017 ), XC60 ( 2008-2018 ), S60 ( 2010-2018 )
,XC70 ( 2007-2016 ), V70 ( 2009-2016 ), V40 2012-2018 )