Honda HDS HIM or ELM327?

Customer question:
I want to buy an Honda diagnostic scanner, which one should I go for, ELM327 ODB2 or HDS HIM double-board?

Engineer and Honda owners' feedback:
No, a Bluetooth ELM327 reader and the Torque app won't hardly do anything the HDS/HIM can do!
The HDS will read ALL fault codes (ABS/VSA, bodywork, etc), not just the power train codes.
The HDS is fully interactive and can be used in 'target-setting' mode... So it can properly test engine sub-system by setting targets to be achieved, such as fuel pressure, boost, EGR valve position, IMRC position and (for the petrol) VTEC engagement range and then checking while the engine attempts to meet these targets. Injector trims can be checked and replacement injectors can be coded. And more stuff.