JLR Mangoose SDD feedback from obd365 customer

If anyone is looking for the Mongoose (or mangoose), I bought one from 'OBDII365.com' in HK over the weekend. 

Item cost 49.99 USD and I paid 23 USD extra for DHL shipping. It shipped from China on Monday morning and arrived today, 2 days later. Total cost just under £46 quid. If you were happy to wait a couple of weeks or so for standard free shipping, then it's around £31.50.

Looks well made and came with v138 software. 

Fantastic service right the way through from someone (purporting to be) called Daisy. 

Highly recommended. Thought I'd mention it as half the sites I looked at before this one looked properly dodgy with lots of negative comments. These guys were spot on. Massive range of similar items for pretty much every make and model too.