MB SD Connect C4 with 2015.09V DAS customer review

I strongly recommend you purchase the MB STAR C4 Compact version WITHOUT WiFi….. for 2 reasons:
1) The C4 Compact is approx 500 USD less expensive than the WiFi version
2) The Compact C4 requires NO BATTERIES (vs WiFi version) but uses the Vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system to power the STAR C4.
With regard to used DELL D630s, yes, many are stripped with no Hard Drive Disc….. which is okay, because the STAR C4 comes with its own DELL D630 HDD with all the software fully loaded onto it.
What you want to get is a Dell D630 with 3-4 GB RAM, and a CPU of 2.20 GHz or higher, and an AC charger unit.
Considering you may want to know where I bought from, I attach link here for your reference: