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El-50448 TPMS Relearn tool for GM User Reviews

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El-50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor VXSCAN TPMS Activation Tool OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle Free Ship From US/UK/AU

El-50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor VXSCAN TPMS Activation Tool OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle Free Ship From US/UK/AU   Item No. USAD95-B

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VXSCAN El-50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Activation Tool OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle, This re-learn procedure can be performed by using special tool EL-50448.
Also works on 2014 GM models


El-50448 TPMS Relearn tool for GM User Reviews


El-50448 is a very cost effective tire pressure monitor sensor TPMS activation tool for GM General Motors. Here are the customers’ reviews on El-50448 TPMS relearn tool. Thanks to the real users’ contribution.


  1. works on truck and car: Simple and inexpensive but works great. Much better than going to the dealer or a tire store just to get your pressure sensors reset. I used it on my truck and my wife’s car and it only took a few minutes to reset all four wheels on each.

Well worth the money.

  1. with correct low battery display: I’ve never been able to get my TP sensors to program using the “let air out” method on my 2007 Tahoe. Before I had this tool, I would just remember which tires were which when I rotated them, but no longer. Now, I can reprogram them in just a few seconds and the dash display correctly indicates which tire is low. This tool should have come with the vehicle.
  1. Easy to use: The operation of this product is simple and straightforward. As stated it’s hard to get excited about spending this amount of money just to rotate tires, but considering what dealers would charge, it would not take many trips service visits to pay for the unit. As far as working it does exactly what it says it will do with no drama. Put the vehicle in reset mode and push the button on the unit following directions outlined in the car owners manual.
  1. I could not believe I needed a special tool to rotate my tires. From what I understand 2010 (2011?) and older vehicles, you can use any big magnet to reset your Tire Pressure Sensors. 2011 (2012?) and up to at least my 2013 Silverado, you need one of these gizmos. This one works like a champ, and is the one I found referenced through a GM website.

It is a simple process:

1) Put your key in the ignition, and turn it to run.

2) Press your lock and unlock buttons on your remote until the truck chirps. (There are a few other ways too, but this was easiest).

3) Start with the left front tire; the blinker light for that tire should light up to let you know which tire needs programming. Cool right?

4) Put this gizmo to the tire next to the stem, and press the button. After 3 seconds or so, the truck chirps

4) Then the front right blinker is on, and thats your next tire. Press the gizmo to the tire and press the button. Continue on to the rear right, and finish with the rear left. All the while following the blinker. Takes all of 3 minutes.

On one hand $50+ is a lot to ensure my tire pressure sensors are all aligned properly (I rarely look at them. On the other hand, I have a new tool and no strangers need to touch my truck.


  1. Wide GM vehicle coverage: The deflate method is verified ok only on Chevrolet Volt 2011 year, with the El-50448 TPMS relearn tool, I could get the 4 TPMS programmed in less than one minute. El-50448 could program TPMS on GM 2010-2013 year.


Simple Guide to Use the E1-50448 GM TPMS Relearn Tool

Sensor Re-Learn Procedure
For certain vehicles equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system, a “Sensor
Re-Learn Procedure” must be performed after tire rotations, Remote Control Door Lock
Receiver Module replacement or Tire Pressure Sensor replacement. Currently, this relearn
procedure can be performed by using Special Tool EL-46079 (J-46079) or via a
manual procedure that requires the technician to increase and decrease tire pressure in a
specific sequence.


Changes to the Service Procedure
GM Product Engineering has determined that in some instances the manual re-learn
procedure can cause the TPM system to pick up stray sensor signals from nearby vehicles
which can result in Diagnostic Trouble Codes being stored and parts being unnecessarily
replaced. To address this concern GM Product Engineering will be disabling the TPM
manual re-learn capability from the vehicle software starting January 2011.


A Special Service Tool is needed to perform TPMS Re-Learn
Due to the changes in vehicle software, a Special Service Tool is required to perform the
TPMS Re-learn procedure.
If your dealership currently has the EL-46079 (J-46079), you can continue to use this
tester for the Re-Learn procedure.
If your dealership does Not Have a special service tool to perform the re-learn procedure,
it is important that you purchase the new lower cost tool (EL-50448) that will perform the
Re-Learn function. The tool needs to be in your dealership in time to service TPM
equipped vehicles manufactured after January 2011.
TPM equipped vehicles manufactured before January 2011 can continue to use the
Special Service Tools (EL-46079 or EL-50448) or the manual procedure for TPM Re-

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