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Xprog-M V5.51 ECU Programmer Newest Xprogm Latest Version

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Product Description

Xprog-m box software version 5.51 , only can use our software-CD, otherwise the hardware will be damaged without any warranty, cannot be repaired if you use other version software(lower or higher) or try to update the software or hardware.

V5.51 Latest Version XPROG-M ECU Programmer XPROG BOX

Kindly note: xprog-box software version:5.51, only use our software-CD, the hardware will be damaged without any warrany & cannot be repaired if you use other version software XPROG-M QC MARK(lower or higher) or try to update the software or hardware online.

Language: English

Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7

New released XPROG-M V5.51, hot sale in market, contain more authorization than XPROG-M V5.45!



The XPROG-M project is a continuation of the project XPROG and now supports more than 450 units (serial EEPROM`s, Microcontrollers (MCU), Electronics Control Units (ECU), DashBoards, Immobilizers, Calculators and others).
XPROG-box hardware(Aluminium enclosure) .
CD with XPROG-box software (V5.4.5)
Basic software authorizations and programming adapters set.
USB Cable.


AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0002 Motorola HC08 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0003 Motorola HC11 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0004 Motorola HC12, 9S12 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0005 Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)
AUTH-0006 Motorola HC05Bxx and HC05Xxx family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0007 ST M35080 authorization. Read/Write/Erase device to delivery state.
AUTH-0008 BMW EWS3 authorization
AUTH-0009 ATmega family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0010 MB ZGS001 authorization
AUTH-0011 Motorola HC11EA9/E9 bypass security authorization (allows to bypass security bit and read EEPROM and RAM memory)
AUTH-0012 National CR16 authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM memory)
AUTH-0014 ST7, ST10 family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash)
AUTH-0015 MPC5xx authorization (depending on device program automatically detects MPC5xx, M95xxx device type, flash, external flash and configuration memory size)
AUTH-0018 Motorola HC12, HC912, MC9S12, MC9S12X bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)
AUTH-0020 ARM (Micronas, ...) Family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash and external serial EEPROM)
AUTH-0021 ARM (Micronas, ...) Family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured and non-secured internal flash and external serial EEPROM, view/change mileage,chassis number (VIN), serial number and PIN code).
XPROG hardware registration


Product Code Description
ADP-0001 TMS370 PLCC28 programming adapter
ADP-0002 TMS370 PLCC44 programming adapter
ADP-0003 TMS370 PLCC68 programming adapter
ADP-0004 Motorola HC05B/X PLCC52 programming adapter
ADP-0005 Motorola HC05B/X QFP64 programming adapter
ADP-0006 ST M35080 in-circuit programming adapter
ADP-0008 TMS374 family in-circuit programming adapter
ADP-0009 MC68HC05V12 programming adapter
ADP-0010 TMS374 on-board programming adapter
ADP-0011 HC11EA9/E9 programming adapter
ADP-0017 HC(S)12 BDM / ARM Micronas in-circuit programming/bypass security adapter

Processor: INTEL Pentium 60MHz or faster (depends on operating system)
Memory (RAM): 64MB (depends on operating system)
Hard drive: 20MB free space
Communication: One free physical COM or USB port


Attention for xprog-box 5.45

1. Shut off the computer anti-software . if not , will kill the software
2. Close the internet. If not ,will damaged the hardware ,and cannot be repaired without any warranty.
3. Uninstall all the xprog-m, or xprog box software -higher or lower software, make sure that your pc only install our software for our xprog-box 5.45 , our xprog-box hardware cannot work on other lower or higher software. the hardware will be burned and damaged ,cannot be repaired without any warranty if you run our hardware on other software .
4. Never try to UPDATE online or offline, the hardware will be burned damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online or offline from official website, without any warranty.
5. we cannot refund ,cannot exchange, cannot repair if you do not listen to those advice above. It means that you accept those conditions if you have ordered our xprog-box 5.45 


Q: What's the difference between V5.3 xprog-m and V5.45 xprog-m?

A: V5.45 xprog-m added more function, such as:
AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx 
AUTH-0023-2 XC23xx 65 
AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx 
AUTH-0024-2 MC9S12XE
AUTH-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY

please see the following pictures, v5.3 xprog-m has no the following function:


Xhorse VVDI2 Complete Version with Free Mini Key Tool 

Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA TOOL with Free Mini VVDI Key Tool

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How to install usb key for Xprog M V5.51

Technical Support

X-Prog V5.45 ECU Increased Functionality
compared with Xprog v5.3
1 X-Prog V5.45 ECU Increased Functionality

The difference between XProg V5.3 and Xprog V5.45?

AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx 
AUTH-0023-2 XC23xx 65 
AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx 
AUTH-0024-2 MC9S12XE
AUTH-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY/
xprog 5.54 function

Xprog V5.3 doesn't have this function, while Xprog v5.45 has this function

xprog  V5.45 has this function

Xprog V5.3 doesn't have this function, while Xprog v5.45 has this function

new xprog has the authorization

Xprog V5.3 doesn't have this function, while Xprog v5.45 have authorization


Xprog V5.3 doesn't have this function, while Xprog v5.45 have authorization.

Xprog new function
xprog 5.45 new function

Free download:  XPROG-M V5.45 Software (contact us to send you,

Some customers have some problems while the installation of xprog 5.45
xprog-m v5.45

If you have the same problem as the picture shown above, it is usually caused by two cases.
First, the antivirus program in your computer is against the installation program. You can solve it by uninstalling the antivirus program.
Second, your computer system is not compatible with our software. We advise you can try it on another system. If still same error, please contact our online customer service for we to check it for you online.

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