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Super DSPIII DSP3 Plus OBD Odometer Correction Tool for Audi/VW/ Skoda/Seat/Bentley/Land Rover/ Jaguar/ Volvo/ Porsche 2010-2017

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Product Description

Super DSPIII plus mileage programmer covers AUDI/VW/ SKODA/SEAT/BENTLEY/ LAND ROVER/ JAGUAR/ VOLVO/ PORSCHE from year 2010 to year 2017.

Super dspiii is the most complete programming device for digital odometers,  It is a high-quality embeded system which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort. 

Software version: V2017.09
Password: 123456
Super DSPIII Technical parameters:
Powered by industrial grade core board with Freescale i.MX28x processor, speeds up to 650MHZ, 800*480 TFT LCD and touch screen(7.0".16:9). Convenient keyset. USB host and USB device. SD card interface. 128MB NandFlash, 128MB DDRII.
 We use industrial grade components to ensure the stability and reliability under a wide temperature range, from -40℃ to +85℃.
 Whole machine passed EMC industry 4 grade quality assurance and durable performance, the product stability greatly improved.
 The Wince6.0 operating system can ensure the software platform reliability and compatibility.
 Self-check function integrated in system. 
 Enhanced OBD functions, including CAN-BUS / J1850 / CCD-BUS / ISO9141 / SPI protocols.
 Intuitive operability by full menu and picture guidance. All data can be edited, stored and loaded. 
 Color connection picture is on the screen whenever you need.
 The stored data can be transferred to a PC by USB port or SD card, and also can be transfer to wherever you want directly by internet.
Super DSPIII OBD Tool full odometer correct car list: 

Manufacture model   Version adapter activated
AUDI     (NEC+24C64)06.2014-up  OBD adapter    yes
  A3   2014 NEC35XX VDO    OBD adapter    yes
  A4   13-up    OBD adapter     yes
  A5   13-up    OBD adapter   yes
  A6   12-up  OBD adapter  yes
  A6   12-UP(SMALL TFT) DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
  A7   10-up diag   OBD adapter   yes
  A8   10-up diag   OBD adapter   yes
  Q3     2013(NEC+24C64) BIN MODE DIAG  OBD adapter   yes
    2013(NEC+24C64) DIAG  OBD adapter   yes
  Q5   13-up     OBD adapter   yes
  S5  13-up  OBD adapter    yes
VW    (NEC+24C64)06.2014-up  OBD adapter  yes
  AMAROK     2013 DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
  BORA   2013 DIAG    OBD adapter    yes
    2014 NEC35XX V1    OBD adapter  yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2  OBD adapter    yes
  Cc   2013 VDO DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
    2014 VDO DIAG     OBD adapter  yes
  GOLF   GTI 2013 BIN MODE DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    GTI 2013 DIAG     OBD adapter    yes
    VARIANT 2013 VDO DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
    CROSS 2013 VDO DIAG    OBD adapter    yes
  GOLF 7   2014 NEC35XX (VDO)    OBD adapter     yes
  GTI    2014 NEC35XX VDO 5TH  OBD adapter     yes
  GRAN LAVIDA  2014 NEC35XX V1  OBD adapter     yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2    OBD adapter    yes
  JETTA  2013 USA VDO DIAG    OBD adapter    yes
    2014 NEC35XX V1  OBD adapter     yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2  OBD adapter  yes
  LAVIDA  2014 NEC35XX V1  OBD adapter    yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2  OBD adapter  yes
  PASSAT    2013 BIN MODE DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2013 DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
    2014 VDO DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
  POLO    2014 NEC35XX V1  OBD adapter  yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2 OBD adapter     yes
  SANTANA   2014 NEC35XX V1   OBD adapter  yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2    OBD adapter  yes
  SAGITAR  2013-UP BIN MODE DIAG  OBD adapter    yes
    2013-UP DIAG  OBD adapter    yes
    2013-UP PRE-BIN MODE    OBD adapter  yes
  SCIROCCO   2013 DIAG OBD adapter     yes
  SHARAN  2013 BIN MODE DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
    2013 DIAG     OBD adapter  yes
  T5      2013 BIN MODE DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2013 DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
  TIGUAN   2013 VDO DIAG  OBD adapter    yes
  TOUAREG  10-UP DIAG    OBD adapter     yes
  TOURA  COLOR 2013 BIN MODE  OBD adapter  yes
    COLOR 2013 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  UP    2013 MM DIAG  OBD adapter    yes
    2015 MM DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
  VENTO   2014 NEC35XX (WHITE COLOR) V1 VDO   OBD adapter  yes
    2014 NEC35XX (WHITE COLOR) V2 VDO   OBD adapter  yes
    2015 VDO DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
  SKODA  (NEC+24C64)06.2014-up  OBD adapter  yes
  CITYGO    2013 MM DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
    2015MM DIAG     OBD adapter    yes
  FABIA  2014 NEC35XX VDO  OBD adapter     yes
    2015 NEC35XX VDO  OBD adapter    yes
  OCTAVIA  2013 VDO DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2014 NEC35XX V1  OBD adapter     yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2    OBD adapter  yes
  RAPID     2013 VDO DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2014 NEC35XX V1  OBD adapter     yes
    2014 NEC35XX V2   OBD adapter     yes
    2015 NEC35XX DIAG    OBD adapter     yes
  SUPERB   2014 DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
  YET   2013 (NEC+24C64) DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
  SEAT   (NEC+24C64)06.2014-up  OBD adapter     yes
  ALHAMBRA   2013 VDO DIAG    OBD adapter    yes
  IBIZA    NEC+24C64 2014 VDO DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
  LEON 2014 NEC3524 V1 VDO OBD adapter   yes
  MII    2013 DIAG    OBD adapter     yes
  TOLEDO     2014 BIN MODE DIAG   OBD adapter     yes
    2014 DIAG     OBD adapter    yes
PORSCHE     918   2015 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  CAYENNE    2010 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  PANAMERA  2010 DIAG   OBD adapter     yes
VOLVO    S60  2010-2013 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
  S80   2010-2013 DIAG    OBD adapter     yes
  V40   2013 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
    2013 V1 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2013 V2 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  V60   2010-2013 DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
    2013 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2013 V1 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2013 V2 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
  V70     2010-2013 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  VOLVO OBD2    2000-2007 V1  OBD adapter     yes
    2000-2007 V2  OBD adapter  yes
    2000-2007 V3  OBD adapter  yes
  XC60    2010-2013 DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
    2014-UP DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
    2014-UP V1 DIAG   OBD adapter  yes
    2014-UP V2 DIAG  OBD adapter    yes
  XC90    2010-2013 V1  OBD adapter     yes
    2010-2013 V2  OBD adapter  yes
    2010-2013 V3  OBD adapter  yes
LAND ROVER   DISCOVERY4   2010 DIAG  OBD adapter   yes
    2015 DIAG     OBD adapter  yes
  EVOQUE    11-UP DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
    15-UP DIAG OBD adapter     yes
    15-UP RECOVERY EEPROM   OBD adapter  yes
  FREELANDER2     2013 DIAG OBD adapter   yes
  RANGE ROVER   2015 DIAG  OBD adapter   yes
  RANGE ROVER  SPORT    2010 DIAG     OBD adapter  yes
  RANGE ROVER  SPORT   2014 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
  RANGE ROVER  SPORT  2016 DIAG  OBD adapter yes
JAGUAR  F-TYPE    2015 DIAG  OBD adapter    yes
  XE TYPE   2015 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes
    2016 DIAG   OBD adapter    yes
  XF      15-UP DIAG    OBD adapter   yes
    24C64 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  XJ    2010 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
    2016 DIAG    OBD adapter  yes
  XK    24C64 DIAG  OBD adapter     yes
  XKR      24C64 DIAG  OBD adapter  yes

Super DSP3 Some Images Display:

Customer Review:

1) Well this is my favourite mileage tool at the minute. I have done myself new AUDI 2016 S3 AND A3 2014 AND 2016 this tool is brilliant!!!

2) Mileage correction on Audi A7 2011+ all OBD Even a £10k SMOK tool wants you to prepare dump first This is one of the only tools that does Audis 11-17 all OBD.

3) Super DSP3 plus tested perfect on Volvo S60 XC60 2010
OBD2 mileage correction!!!!!!

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Super DSPIII change Mercedes W222 odometer by OBD

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