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VIEDNT iLink410 ABS&SRS&SAS Reset Tool Free Shipping

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Product Description

This new ABS&SRS Reset Tool iLink410 is built to help the diagnosis of ABS and airbag faults and determine why the ABS&SRS warning light is on. Featured with ABS and SRS system diagnosis, ABS and SRS bi-directional tests, ABS bleeding, SRS reset , steering angle sensor calibration, Electronic parking brake reset functionalities and wide vehicle coverage, i410 is the perfect tool that professional mechanics can’t wait to have.

VIEDNT iLink410 ABS&SRS&SAS Reset Tool

VIEDNT iLink410 Features:

1.Read and erase Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Airbag (SRS) codes on most 1996 and newer domestic and import OBD2 vehicles.
2.Identifies the vehicle you are testing rapidly and accurately on the basis of its VIN number
3.Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes and pending codes
4.Stream, record, and graph real-time Live Data for a more precise diagnosis.
5.You can view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously and merge them into one coordinate.
6.It allows you to use the scan tool temporarily activate or control ABS/airbag system or component
7.It delivers SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) Calibration on more than 35 vehicle makes
8.It lets you perform bi-directional tests on electronic park brake system of multiple vehicle brands. The tests let you to deactivate and re-activate brake control system, set new brake pad thickness after AUDI A8 service, bleed the brake systems and more.
9.Multilingual menu options-English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and much more.
10.Internet updatable via USB
11.2.8"LCD color display, clearly arranged keys, menu driven operation, and shortcuts together make this device extremely easy to use
12.Its ruggedized design and rubber sleeve resist impact and damage in the tough workshop environment. 
Functions Vehicle Coverage
ABS&SRS Diagnosis Chrysler, Ford, GM, Au Ford, Acura, Daewoo, Honda, Holden, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus,
Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi,
Aston Martin,BMW, Bentley, Bugatti, Citroen, Dacia, EU Ford, Fiat, Ferrari,Jaguar,
Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Maybach, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Mini, Opel,
Porsche, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Seat, Skoda,
Smart, Sprinter, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo
EPB Service Acura, Abarth, Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Bentley, Bugatti, Citroen, Daewoo,
EU Ford, Ford, Fait, Ferrari, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia,
Land Rover, Lancia, Lexus, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes Benz, Mini,Opel,
Peugeot, Porsche, Roewe, Renault, Rolls Royce, Saab, Scion, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo
Steering Angle Sensor Calibration Acura, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, BMW,
Bugatti, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Fiat, GM, Honda, Holden, Hyundai, Infiniti,
Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Maserati, Maybach, Mini,
Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Scion, Seat, Skoda,
Sprinter, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen

VIEDNT iLink410 Specification:

Display: 2.8” Backlit, 320X240 TFT color screen
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Power: 8 to 18 V provided via vehicle
Supported Protocols: J1859-41.6, J1850-10.4, ISO9141, KWP2000 (ISO 14230), and CAN (Control Area Network ISO 11898)

 Package includes:
1pc x iLink410 ABS& SRS Reset Tool
1pc x User Guide
1pc x Memory Card
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Leather Carrying Pouch

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Technical Support

VIEDNT iLink410 ABS SRS SAS scan tool  software update Log:

MAINTENANCE    V10.03    Initial release    2018/9/25
UPDATETOOLS    V5.10    Optimize the software    2018/9/20
CHRYSLER    V10.40    Fix bug    2018/9/13
HOLDEN    V11.02    Fix bug    2018/9/13
LEXUS    V11.21    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/9/13
SCION    V11.21    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/9/13
TOYOTA    V11.21    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/9/13
SAS_CHRYSLER    V10.40    Fix bug    2018/9/13
SAS_HOLDEN    V11.02    Fix bug    2018/9/13
SAS_LEXUS    V11.21    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/9/13
SAS_SCION    V11.21    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/9/13
SAS_TOYOTA    V11.21    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/9/13
OPEL    V12.04    "1.Fix bug
2.Optimize Portuguese translation"    2018/9/11
VAUXHALL    V12.04    "1.Fix bug
2.Optimize Portuguese translation"    2018/9/11
SAS_OPEL    V12.04    "1.Fix bug
2.Optimize Portuguese translation"    2018/9/11
SAS_VAUXHALL    V12.04    "1.Fix bug
2.Optimize Portuguese translation"    2018/9/11
GM    V11.06    "1.Fix bug
2.Optimize Spanish and Portuguese translation"    2018/9/6
SAS_GM    V11.06    "1.Fix bug
2.Optimize Spanish and Portuguese translation"    2018/9/6
LEXUS    V11.20    Fix field test bug    2018/8/29
SCION    V11.20    Fix field test bug    2018/8/29
TOYOTA    V11.20    Fix field test bug    2018/8/29
SAS_LEXUS    V11.20    Fix field test bug    2018/8/29
SAS_SCION    V11.20    Fix field test bug    2018/8/29
SAS_TOYOTA    V11.20    Fix field test bug    2018/8/29
UPDATETOOLS    V5.01    Optimize Japanese translation    2018/8/28
GM    V11.05    "1.Optimize menu display 
2.Optimize live data"    2018/8/22
SAS_GM    V11.05    "1.Optimize menu display 
2.Optimize live data"    2018/8/22
LEXUS    V11.10    "1.Fix the field test bug on VIOS model
2.Optimize Spanish  and Portuguese translation"    2018/8/20
SCION    V11.10    "1.Fix the field test bug on VIOS model
2.Optimize Spanish  and Portuguese translation"    2018/8/20
TOYOTA    V11.10    "1.Fix the field test bug on VIOS model
2.Optimize Spanish  and Portuguese translation"    2018/8/20
SAS_LEXUS    V11.10    "1.Fix the field test bug on VIOS model
2.Optimize Spanish  and Portuguese translation"    2018/8/20
SAS_SCION    V11.10    "1.Fix the field test bug on VIOS model
2.Optimize Spanish  and Portuguese translation"    2018/8/20
SAS_TOYOTA    V11.10    "1.Fix the field test bug on VIOS model
2.Optimize Spanish  and Portuguese translation"    2018/8/20
OBDII    V11.02    Optimize Portuguese translation    2018/8/17
GM    V11.04    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
HOLDEN    V11.01    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
OPEL    V12.03    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
VAUXHALL    V12.03    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
SAS_GM    V11.04    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
SAS_HOLDEN    V11.01    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
SAS_OPEL    V12.03    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
SAS_VAUXHALL    V12.03    1:Optimze protocol2:Optimize system access    2018/8/7
CHRYSLER    V10.32        2018/7/26
SAS_CHRYSLER    V10.32        2018/7/26
CHRYSLER    V10.31    Optimize Polish and Spanish translation    2018/7/24
SAS_CHRYSLER    V10.31    Optimize Polish and Spanish translation    2018/7/24
BENZ    V11.10    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/20
MAYBACH    V11.10    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/20
ABARTH    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
ALFA    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
FIAT    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
LANCIA    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
SAS_ABARTH    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
SAS_ALFA    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
SAS_FIAT    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
SAS_LANCIA    V10.21    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/18
SSANGYONG    V11.00    "1:Optimize DPF function
2:Optimize Spainish translation"    2018/7/17
VAUXHALL    V12.02    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/16
OPEL    V12.02    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/16
SAS_VAUXHALL    V12.02    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/16
SAS_OPEL    V12.02    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/16
OBDII    V11.01    "1:Optimization code
2:Optimizing Polish language"    2018/7/14
JAGUAR    V10.60    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/14
BMW    V11.51    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
MINI    V11.51    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.51    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
PORSCHE    V10.30    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
SAS_BMW    V11.51    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
SAS_MINI    V11.51    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
SAS_ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.51    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/13
VAUXHALL    V12.01    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/12
OPEL    V12.01    Optimize Polish translation    2018/7/12
HOLDEN    V11.00    "1:Add year 2017~2019 models for Chevrolet, Buik, Holden, Cadillac
2:Add more than 126 kinds of special functionality"    2018/7/2
UPDATETOOLS    V3.30    Optimize update speed    2018/7/2
GM    V11.01    "1:Add year 2017~2019 models for Chevrolet, Buik, Holden, Cadillac
2:Add more than 126 kinds of special functionality"    2018/6/28
OPEL    V12.00    "1:Add year 2017~2019 models for Chevrolet, Buik, Holden, Cadillac
2:Add more than 126 kinds of special functionality"    2018/6/28
VAUXHALL    V12.00    "1:Add year 2017~2019 models for Chevrolet, Buik, Holden, Cadillac
2:Add more than 126 kinds of special functionality"    2018/6/28
SAS_GM    V11.01    "1:Add year 2017~2019 models for Chevrolet, Buik, Holden, Cadillac
2:Add more than 126 kinds of special functionality"    2018/6/28
UPDATETOOLS    V3.20    Optimize update procedure    2018/6/21
AUDI    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
BENTLEY    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
BUGATTI    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
LAMBORGHINI    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
VW    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
VW_CV    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
SEAT    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
SKODA    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
SAS_AUDI    V11.50    1. optimize Polish 2. Optimize Spanish    2018/6/15
JAGUAR    V10.50    Optimize auto scan and read codes    2018/6/14
SSANGYONG    V10.20    fix inject coding. Modify Spanish translation    2018/6/13
SAS_BMW    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/24
SAS_MINI    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/24
SAS_ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/24
GM    V10.70    Update read/clear codes for 1996~2003 Chassis C, G, P    2018/5/24
DPF_ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/24
BMW    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/23
MINI    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/23
ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/23
ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.40    Fix bug    2018/5/23
LEXUS    V11.00    Add 2014~2016 vehicle models    2018/4/8
SAS_LEXUS    V11.00    Add 2014~2016 vehicle models    2018/4/3
SAS_SCION    V11.00    Add 2014~2016 vehicle models    2018/4/3
SAS_TOYOTA    V11.00    Add 2014~2016 vehicle models    2018/4/3
SAS_BMW    V11.30    Modified the SAS BUG of BWM 745    2018/3/28
SAS_MINI    V11.30    Modified the SAS BUG of BWM 745    2018/3/28
SAS_ROLLS-ROYCE    V11.30    Modified the SAS BUG of BWM 745    2018/3/28
CHRYSLER    V10.30    Optimize live data display and fix freezing bug    2018/3/28
GM    V10.50    Fixed bug    2018/3/28