CN900 Can Copy all Key Chip?

Many customers asked us that if CN900 can do all vehicles or all car key chip? Such as glass tube, electronic and Chinese. Before you purchase our product, please pay attention to the material of your vehicle key chip firstly. 
There are three kinds of 4D key chip which includes electronic 4D, glass tube 4D and Chinese 4D.
Our product (SK98 )Cloning tool can ONLY copy electronic 4D key chip. 
Our product (SK94)CN900  CANNOT copy glass tube key chip while it can copy electronic and Chinese key chip. 
Our (SK104) CN900 4D Decoder CANNOT copy glass tube key chip but electronic and Chinese key chip is OK.
Our (SK23-B) AD900 CANNOT copy glass tube key chip. We recommend you to use (SK40) Key Code Reader2 Program Tool which can copy glass tube key chip such as FORD 4C

Pls let me know if you have any questions. You can conntact our customer service or email to