MB SD Connect Compact 4 Technical Support

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MB SD Connect Compact 4
1. Q: when insert SD Compact 4 disk into computer, there are one error happens, reading "A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart…"
A: disk not well connected with the computer or may be broken.
2. Q: when I setup SD compact 4 disk, one dialog box appears reading "No access authorization code! Please contact the Star diagnosis call center" as the following picture shows, how to do?
A: Because you didn’t active it, just send us activation ID and we will help you active, then this dialog box disappears.
3. Q: can MB SD compact 4 support SCN coding?
A:our SD C4 support offline programming, but you have to spend another 600RMB to open this function.
New question about MB SD 4
Recently we found that version September DAS had a problem when use it, the software will stop at "Pl initializing Communication Layer" picture and it will not diagnosis, as the following:

Through several test of different SD4 SD connects, we found that was because that the hardware and firmware version is too low. So the solution is to update SD4 main firmware version to above 2:0.
Firstly, preparing six AA5 battery, then install the battery as the document:"1.steps for installing battery". (The new battery should be new and the electric quantity is sufficient, otherwise the update of firmware will be fail.) Then use the green cable to connect the computer and SD4 host, use obd cable to connect SD4 host and the car(if it could not be connected with the car, OBD 12V power supply could be the replacement.)
Secondly: open 2012.09 DAS software to C:\programm files\SDconnect Toolkit folder. Then check if it has the following three folders: Update_automatic,Update_manual,Update_Special. As the following picture. 

Thirdly: restart your computer.
Fourthly: start to update the firmware. The specific steps: instructions-for-the-sdconnect-software-update.pdf