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FGTech Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 New Add BDM Function

FGTech Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 New Add BDM Function

  • Item No. SE61
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FGTech Galletto 2-Master, it is the new system which developed with high-speed USB2 technology, is the fastest and most secure product on the market. It is easy to install and use by anyone, support multi-language.

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by Mr.Mansur Barazi on Mar 28, 2018
Slm urunu almakistiyorum odemeyi nasil yapicam.
Ben jaltes araza tespit cihazı kulaniyorum ama lisan icreti pahali oldugunda esdeyer bi cihaz ariyorum jatteste esdeyer bi cihazıniz varmı
Replied by Joyce on Mar 28, 2018
Merhaba sevgili Mr.Mansur
İyi günler!
Sitemizdeki ziyaretiniz için teşekkür ederiz.

Üzgünüz, bu öğe üretim dışı, bunun yerine lütfen kontrol edebilir misiniz?

Başka sorunuz varsa lütfen bizimle iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyin.
by Christian Lundin on Feb 9, 2015
Hello. Can you please sen me the key for my FGTech ID C8BD3E18-1808

Replied by Daisy on Feb 9, 2015
Hi, friend

May i know your order# first? Thus we can check for you. 

Thank you and best regards
by Mr.Jose Almeida on Jul 30, 2014
The disclosed apparatus lends to be used in VOLVO cars?
Replied by Daisy on Jul 30, 2014

Dear Jose, 

Thanks for your visiting.
It support volvo cars, here is the car list, you can refer to it:

Any further questions, please feel free to ask.

Best regards

by MU CHEEL on Dec 10, 2013
by Ernst Kugler on Dec 5, 2013
hi, does this version have BDM function ok or i need replace chips?
Replied by Daisy on Dec 5, 2013
Hi, dear friend,

This one has BDM function now.

Best regards
by Mr.Justin Pruitt on Dec 5, 2013
hello, what computer system is available for Fgtech?
Thank you
Replied by Daisy on Dec 5, 2013
Hi, dear friend

You should install the Fgtech software on Windows XP 32Bit system, 
or you maybe can not install the driver normally, then you can not use the device. Please kindly note.

Best regards
by waldemar brettone on Nov 25, 2013
Your site describes as FGTECH v51 is compatible with WIN7 64BIT, where is the driver used in WIN7? The driver is the same one no matter what computer system to use?
Replied by Daisy on Nov 25, 2013
Hi, dear friend,

The driver is in the CD-ROM software, we have video tutorial. And no matter what computer system to use, the driver is the same one.

Best regards
by koziarski on Nov 25, 2013
Does it need user name and password when use FGTech Galletto 2 v50?
Replied by Daisy on Nov 25, 2013
Hi, dear friend,

It does not need user name and password.

Best regards
by Jam on Nov 6, 2013
ok, i will, thank you.
by Mr.Jam on Nov 6, 2013
please send me a activation code. Many thanks.
Replied by Daisy on Nov 6, 2013
Hi, dear Jam,

It doesn't need any activation code while installing. Maybe you didn't install it properly, you could  find the video on our website to reinstall it again. The video will teach you how to install it.

Best regards
by Mr.miazek on Oct 30, 2013
hi, what is fgtech galletto 2 v53 computer requirement??
Replied by Daisy on Nov 8, 2013
Dear friend,

Sorry for late reply. Here is the requirements, pls kindly note:

Firstly, make sure the hard disk is NTFS format, FAT32 can't be used.
Every drive letter should be NTFS, delete all Hard Disk Partition and the Repartition, use NTFS to format.
1. Set the computer date to 1/1/2013.
2. Computer requirement: Intel Core = 2000Hz - RAM = 2,0GB
3. Delete all previously installed fgtech software.
4. Disable or uninstall anti-virus software.

Best regards
by Mr.Brandon on May 31, 2013
Why can't I open the software after using this product on several cars.
Replied by fanmiaoling on May 31, 2013
Dear Brandon,

 Thanks for your order on It is because the software is destroyed by the anti-virus software on your computer. Faced this situation, you can download our usb fix tool on to fix your software. Our software does not has virus, please be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software when you install our software.

Best Wishes
by Mr.Wallence on May 31, 2013
Do you have a power adapter of SE61 for EUROPE?
Replied by fanmiaoling on May 31, 2013
Dear Wallence,

Thanks very much for your visit on The package of SE61 has the adapter itself. SE61 use the 12V adapter. If your situation do not meet this, you can buy a power inverter from your local area and use it. 
Any questions pls let me know.

Best Wishes

by Mr.Johnson on May 31, 2013
What are the differences between these 3 versions? Item No. SE61-C SE61-B SE61?
Replied by fanmiaoling on May 31, 2013
Dear Johnson,

 Thanks for your interest in our products. SE61-C and SE61-B are the update version of SE61, they almost have the same function as SE61, but but we now have stoped to sell them. Because SE61 is more stable and more welcome among our customers.
Any questions pls let me know.

Best Wishes
by angel281 on May 31, 2013
Does this tool support tricore Boot mode?
Replied by fanmiaoling on May 31, 2013

Dear Ms Angel,

Thanks very much for your visit on  SE61support all model including OBD and BDM.
Any questions pls let me know.

Best Wishes
by Mr.john christiansen on May 16, 2013
can you make a proforma invoice on 18 usd. to put with for saving tax ?
Replied by zhangxuejiao on May 17, 2013
Dear Mr. John,
     Thanks very much for your visit on  For SE61, we always make the proforma invoice on 23 USD for saving tax.
Any questions pls let me know.
Best Wishes
by Mr.Walk on May 13, 2013
Is this tool function stable? What is the version of the software?
Replied by zhangxuejiao on May 13, 2013
Dear Walk,
     Thanks for your visiting on OBDii365. Yes fgtech 2 master is stable function. The software version is 2012, hardware is v51. It update once a year. If you purchase it you can get unlimited technical support from us. Any questions pls contact our customer service or write email to
Best Regards
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