2 methods to get GM Smart Card password by OBDSTAR

1. Buick LaCrosse, new Regal, Cruze, Hideo, the new GL8 car models need the security password for matching the smart card, here OBDII365.com engineer introduces two ways to get the password:

First: by the label input on the beam (Take the last two numbers of 4 digits on the top right corner of the label,plus the last two numbers ofthe vehicle 17 VIN code, then get the the vehicle password)

Second: Read the password by demolition BCM computer 24C16EEPROM data

Picture 1: The new LaCrosse label position, stretch down the camera to take pictures

Picture 2: The new monarch label appearance on the beam (input the number 1970 on the instrument X100, OBDSTAR X100 pro will automatically calculate the password, the general calculation time is not more than 5 minutes)

Picture 3: new Regal label location, and some need to shore up the front left wheel, and take pictures under the wheel; some need to tear down the left fog lighthouse, take pictures with the camera

Picture 4: The new Regal label appearance

2. If there is no label, it can remove the BCM computer 24C16 chip to read data, then convert the password

Picture 5: remove the skid plate on the steering wheel (new LaCrosse)

Picture 6: unplug the BCM connector, and remove the BCM

Picture 7: the new LaCrosse BCM Appearance

Picture 8: remove the 24C16 chip, and then read the data

Picture 9: the new Regal (8089) appearance, and the new LaCrosse security code is 1251

3.The new LaCrosse, new Regal smart card matching step

Select Shanghai GM
Enter the appropriate vehicle anti-theft system
To match the smart card into the card slot
After the X100 pro initialize the system successful, the instrument will automatically power on to the ON position, and then enter the security code
After entering the password, OBDSTAR X-100 Pro will prompt: Verifying password, please wait, usually not more than 5 minutes
After the password verification is successful, BCM will initialize the system, need to wait about 12 minutes, during the initialization of the 12 minutes time, the security lights of the instrument will be in a steady state

X100 will prompt: initializing the system, wait for about 12 minutes

After initialization, X100 will prompt to press the start button twice within five seconds, this is the most important step, if this step fails, please do not continue, then unplug the X100 pro, re-enter the system to operate it again