Autel MaxiSys MS906 vs. MS906BT vs. MS908P vs. DS808

Q:  What's the difference between regular 906 (MS906) and MS906BT
Was all set to buy the basic regular 906 906 thinking the only difference between the BT model is the wireless feature for much more? 

From what i know a lot of the immo features of the 906BT are missing from the standard 906. Along with any coding functions and chrysler vin /odometer write. It regular 906 won't do kia/hyundai variant coding.  You lose some coding , programming and bidirectional controls but if you don't do much programming and do mostly diagnostics its an awesome tool.  There's quite a bit if difference. From my understanding on the newer autels they created the wireless vci interfaces for advanced programming and coding.  The j2534 for bmw and mercedes automated coding and the standard tools with direct cable and no vci with just standard bidirectional controls and diag. I could be wrong but i did demo the 906 and it was missing a lot compared to my maxisys mini even. 

Q: Where can i buy original autel ms906bt?
A: there are no autel clones just different importers of the tool. They are all made at the same place just imported differently. They all have the same updates and software just the reps only like to help the people whom purchased them through an autel authorized retailer.

Q: MS906BT or MS906TS which one should i buy? 
A: Get the autel 906bt or the 906ts. They are the exact same tool.  but it has the Tpms software added. Kind of like the 908 and 908p. Exact same functions just a bit smaller in size.  The ts is identical to the bt but has the tpms add on . 

Q: Does the ms906ts model do the key programming also?  I am trying to decide which I would like to have. The BT model or the TS model. 
A: Yes, both can do key programming function. 

Q: I was nervous of the need for the BT adapter and the unit not having a hard wired connection.. 
A: Believe me you don't want to lose the bt adapter. I have never because I have a long stand of caution tape attached to it and the couple times i forgot it the customer got worried when they saw the caution and called me right away. 

Maxidas ds808 vs ms906 for key programming, what would you suggest? 

A: I'll recommend the MS906TS over the Maxidas ds808 because it's more advanced and can do more.  DS808K and MS90B6T has the same functions in software capabilities. MS906BT and MS906TS has the capability to perform some coding functions for covered vehicles.

Q: does MS906BT have a plug-in for a inspection camera 
A: Most of the time when you buy it they give you an inspection scope free. It won't help you to modify the line pressure. 

Q: I am going to be rebuilding a 68rfe transmission on my 2011 ram does this tool have the trans tuning capabilities  I need , I will be raising the line pressure, and also need 2 do a quick learn procedure 
A: Quick learn is a yes. Other then that you can calibrate tire size on that truck for speedo and shift point correction but as far as tuning and modifying the tcm it won't do it. 

If I buy the Bosch Mastertech and already have the MS906BT, will I be able to UPGRADE a 2010 BMW 535i GT BATTERY? 

should be able to do the battery with just the 906bt. No need for the mastertech on that 

Q: has anyone used this for transmission diagnotics? what data PIDs itll show? 
A: Depends on the vehicle. Any pid available on dealer level it will have. 

What is the difference between MS906BT and MS908 in terms of coding, adaptations, and actuations? 

I have Launch X431 Pro S model (2016) - does Autel have more or less programming possibilities? 

A: no difference that I've noticed at all. Same software, same coding. I've used them both quite a bit. 
Launch is good. I've used it as well. I have a launch scan pad I still use occasionally but autel does a bit more and is actually more reliable. For instance I found that variant coding for Hyundai and Kia srs control modules only works about 60% of the time with launch but has been 100% successful so far the past couple years. Just one example. Both are great tools, very similar in terms of functionality but as for me I made the switch a couple years back and wouldn't switch back. 

Q: is this tool programming keys when you replace a PCM on a Chrysler. 
A: on most Chrysler cars the immobilizer and pcm are separate.  Depending on the year but yes if you replace a pcm you can match the skim or screen. Also program the millage and vin no problem. Some Chrysler key programming does have issues. Mostly the newer grand caravan . Even with the correct pin code I've had some fail to program. 

I would like to reset deployed airbag in Ford Escape 2011. I am looking for 2006 and up model Japanese or American cars not high end models corolla, focus, mazda3 etc If I can reset airbag with this tool 
A: can't do it. You have to replace the control module first. if you're looking to reset after repairs just autoscan the vin  then select airbag system then clear codes.  If you're trying to reset after a deployment the module is probably locked and will need replaced. Every car is different and some require other procedures.  Without knowing the car i can't tell you how.  There is no one way to reset all cars. 

Q:My shop is looking to get new scan tool What do you think of Maxisys ms906bt vs  Snap on verus edge 
I have had them all. I won't personally use the snap on. I was a fan of them for a long time but there updates are happy or biyearly. I don't care for them. Autel 1/3 the price 10 times the tool. Launch is a good tool as well but I own a mobile diagnostic / programing business and the autel is the tool I use for 90% of everything I do. 

Q:Will this machine do key programming for dodges  win system ? 
A: if you have the pin code and a new key. I did a 2011 grand caravan a couple weeks back no problems. 

Q: I contacted Autel about purchasing a DS808K or MS906BT and they gave me the same song and dance about not being for the US market and recommended the MS906TS model 

A:It's not a us market tool makes absolutely no sense since there are no differences at all In the actual tool or software no matter what region it is sent to. All the 906bt tools I've seen actually have more vehicle software for cars not actually imported into the us like cherry , geely, and a few others. Eventually they will be shipped stripped down of the non us import vehicles. Didn't bother me one bit to have the extra vehicle manufacturers in there. You can just disable them. To date I have scanned 313 vehicles with my bt and have had zero problems. I have to have a tool that works every day all day to keep my business going and the bt is working perfectly for me. Oh... One last thing they don't tell you is the bt actually has some pretty good coverage for most tpms systems. Sensor id registration. Fault reading . 

Q:  if the MS906BT is for the American market ? 
A:The 906bt is made for both American and Asian markets. Only difference is they add more vehicles not found in the US in the non US version. 

Q: How often does your tool receive any update? 
A: they used to come all the time. I've noticed the updates have slowed down. Maybe monthly now.  I've also noticed most of the glitches in the software from the past are gone and most manufactures work perfectly now. Most of the updates lately are adding features for older models not new models. I think the better autel gets the less frequent the updates will become. It's getting close to what I would consider the best all around tool. 

Q: I am looking for a wireless scan tool, will this one program domestic and Asian keys and remote FOB's? 
A: from what I have found yes. If you have a key already programmed to the car it will add keys on most American and asian  cars.  it does not read pincodes or skc.  If you have an all keys lost situation you will need access to security codes to program. 

Q:Does it have a scope function and if so how is the scope? 
A:  it does. I've used it once and it worked great. It's fast.  No lag. I don't own one.i bought a versa a few years back but I did get a chance to demo the scope for one job . Worked better then my versa. 

Q: So it will do coding for Mercedes or won't? 
A: yes it will do Mercedes coding, adaptations, bidirectional controls. 

Q: And I'm assuming the "BT" stands for Bluetooth, do the other 906 models not come with Bluetooth? 
A: The 906bt is Bluetooth . 

Q: The 906 doesn't come with a labscope, right? Also, how is the live graphing capabilities? 
A:  Live graphing is one of the fastest I've found on a scanner. Full graph/data real time recording . I use it a lot on test drives to go back and replay in slow motion.  You can but the labscope and borescope. It doesn't come with them just the software pre installed.  It has an app called function viewer that's pretty helpful. You can pull up the make year and model and it will tell you what it can do for each module in the car. I was just scrolling through all benz functions and I don't see much missing along the lines of coding and adaptations. If there's anything specific you want to know just give me the year make and model and I'll let you know all functions available 

Q: Autel MaxiSys MS906BT and MS908P which one should i get? 
i notice ms906bt does't have Retrofit same as the 908P for BMW , however its does everything else 908P doing except retrofit and programming. 

 i have the 908 and 906. .the both do exactly the same thing function for function . .ive never really been able to figure out why it's so much more to renew the 908 every year or the initial cost.  I know the 908 is physically about an inch and a half bigger but that's it. Yea the 906 supports the 4 channel scope and bore scope. The 906bt and ts actually came out almost 2 years aftert the 908 and if anything it seems faster to me then my 908. Then again the 908 has a year more use on it. They both program keys,  both do coding . They are both amazing tools. 

the 908 update is around $750 . The 908p is $1100 and the $906 is about $455. 

The 908p comes with the j2534 pass thru but it only works with the 908 for bmw and some mercedes. You can not oem program any other vehicles with it and the 908 alone.. Any other maker and you have to use the j2534 with a laptop and oem software.  You can buy a $90 k+dcan cable with free programs for bmw and it does a better job . 
Buy the autel 906ts or 906bt . Then buy a bosch mvci , snap on pass thru pro 2 , bisch flasher pro or a drew technologies cardaq. You can get the 906bt for $1299. You can get a good used pass thru for $800. I bought my bosch mastertech mvci for $480 on Ebay and it's the one tool endorsed by every oem manufacturer. 

The 908pro uses that bulky wireless pass thru instead of the the small bluetooth interface. It becomes a pain.  For less money you can get the 906bt and a used Bosch mvci on ebay. Get yourself a laptop and only use the mvci for flashing. You can get a pass thru pro 2 or Drew box as well for a bit more. They offer a little more with the j2534 toolbox that's included like Chrysler vin and mileage rewrite but the autel 906bt will do that. 

Q: I purchase one maxisy906bt but i want to change language to Spanish this is possible to change?
A: yes, but need to pay extra $120 to change language to Spanish. 

so The 906bt is exact function of  908p but the pro have flashing module ? 

A: yes that is correct. 

Q: What are the actual costs of updates for the MS906BT?
A: Hi.It comes with 1 year free update,after 1 need to pay extra US$495.Thank you! 

Q: Does it come with a free software update to current model years of all makes?
A: it comes with 1 year free update.

Q: Will this do module coding on BMWs?
A: It will do some modules, you will need a special cable on most if not all of the newer F bodys. It will not do programming