Bluetooth VAS 5054A ODIS "License is invalid" solution

Here is the final solution to VAS 5054A ODIS  VAG VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat diagnostic scanner service license error 0.736.417 and 0.239.846 with the message “this license is invalid”


ODIS 3.0.1 error message:

OffboardDiagLauncher 0.736.417:

Error reading the license file: Java heap space

This license is invalid



The computer and system lack some patch

Try to install a new JAVA on your system

If the ODIS error remains, please install our Windows 7 32bit system.



VAS5054a ODIS 2.0 error message:

OffboardDiagLauncher 0.239.846

Error reading the license file: Could not parse certificate: Empty input

This license is invalid


Setup Date on your laptop: 01/01/2015

If it doesn’t work, re-install our operating system –Windows XP O.S.


Customer solution for invalid license:

not copied launcher file to “c-drive”, then the problem solved.

If you need to use our Win XP or WIN 7 opearting system, please contact our customer service to download.