Bluetooth VAS 5054a ODIS v2.2.7 Installation Guide

VAS 5054A ODIS diagnostic software for VAG Volkswagen VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley & Lamborghini is newly updated to 2.2.7 version with PostSetup 6.70.150 in obd365. Here is the instruction on installing ODIS V2.27.


Software version: ODIS 2.2.7 + Postsetup 6.70.150+ free license
Hardware: The new ODIS 2.27 software works with vas 5054 interface pass-thru SP33SP33-BSP33-C and SP33-BO ( SP33-D invalid!!!)

Multi-language:  English/ Japanese/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Korean/ Dutch/ Polish/ Turkish/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Croatian/ Danish/ German/ Swedish/ Finnish/ Slovenian/ Czech/ Russian/ Greek/ Chinese

Operating system: Windows 7 (32-bit is better)

vas-5054a-odis-v2-2-7-1vas-5054a-odis-v2-2-7-2vas-5054a-odis-v2-2-7-3ODIS engineering 2.2.7 software installation on Win 7:
Main steps:
Step1: Install Driver
Step 2: Install ODIS software
Step 3: Activate/Validate license
Step 4: Mount PostSetup-6.70.150
Step 5: Activate ODIS 2.2.6
Step 6: Change VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update value
Step 7: Connect vas 5054 interface via USB
Step 8: Bluetooth connection

ODIS 2.2.7 Video Installation Guide

Step1: Install Driver
Copy and paste Daemon-Tools- zip file to desktop
Unzip the file
Open Daemon-Tools- folder, mount “InstalGadget” and run as administrator
Accept security warning, click “Install”
Adding virtual device
Click “Install”
System will detect driver and automatically install it

Step 2: Install ODIS software
Open Daemon-Tools folder on desktop
Open 01.Setup folder
Open ODIS-S v2.2.6-RC369L-P6-Setup
Select language
Install Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service setup, click “Continue”
Select target folder, press “Continue”
Select language again
Press “Continue” until the system asks to select the license file
Search license file to C:ODIS-2.2.6/02.Patch License/license.dat

Press Continue
Configuring Microsoft Visual C++2005
Click “Finish” when ODIS setup is well installed

Step 3: Activate/Validate license
Open ODIS 2.2.7 CD
Open 02.Patch License folder
Copy OffboardDiagLauncher and follow next step
Right click Offboard Diagnostic System Service software on desktop>>Properties>>Open File Location>> paste and replace OffboardDiagLauncher on the existing folder
Open Daemon tools folder
If the system prompts “unable” to find activated DAEMON Tools Lite license, press “Continue”
Choose license type: Free license and click “Activate”
Click “Validate” to confirm license info.
License was validated successfully.


Step 4: Mount PostSetup-6.70.150

Add image to “Image Catalog”

Browse image to C:/ODIS 2.2.6/03.Postsetup 6.70.150/ Postsetup 6.70.150

Mount PostSetup-6.70 iso


Step 5: Activate ODIS 2.2.6

Open ODIS v2.2.7 software on desktop

Select Local directory to BD-ROM Drive (G:100)/Postsetup

Enter activation User name: abc and Keyword: abc (both low-case “abc”), press forward arrow to see Postsetup version


Press forward arrow to download 384 files file, the procedure takes about 30 minutes

Download completely will open ODIS automatically

ODIS release notes information

Click “Admin” on the right

Select software language

Exit the ODIS


Step 6: Change VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update value

Open readme Notepad on software folder, follow Step 10-14

In “C:programfiles/Offboard_Daignostic_Information_System_Service_configuration/.settings/ org.eclips e.internal.prefs” change “VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update=…” to “0”

Follow this Click ODIS software on desktop->Click Properties->Open File Location->choose configuration file->settings-> org.eclips e.internal.prefs->Select a program from a list of installed programs->OK

Select Notepad, click OK
Change “VAUDAS_DAY_Of_Last_Update=…” to “0”
Save file
Login ODIS with user name and keyword (same as above)

Wait the system to download data files

Back to ODIS and then exit the program


Step 7: Connect vas 5054 interface via USB

Connect vas5054a interface with computer and vehicle

System will automatically install vas 5054a device driver

Open Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Softing Vehicle Interface>> VAS5054 to make sure well communication is built


Run ODIS software on desktop

Press “Start diagnosis”

Turn ignition switch

Select vehicle information, model, year, engine etc


Select model and function your need diagnose


Step 8: Bluetooth connection

If you need to diagnose wirelessly, follow these steps to add Bluetooth.

Tick the Bluetooth icon on toolbar, click “Add a device

Select “VAS5054” and add to device


Enter Bluetooth pair password: 082145725


Open Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>> check Com port was set to COM4 >>Network adapters Bluetooth Device to check Bluetooth connection is well built

Open ODIS Service Diagnostic Interface Configurator on desktop

Click “Add EDIC

Select “VAS5054” to install


Select Local Bluetooth COM Port (COM4)

Run ODIS software

Star diagnose vehicle wirelessly