Carprog v9.31 vs.Xprog vs. UPA USB vs. Fgtech V54

Here is a helpful text for an electronic technician having doubt about tools of airbag ECU repair work, as he said below,
“I’m electronic technician and am starting repairs airbag ECUs.
My doubt is: CARPROG or XPROG or other? or both?
What differences?
What i need more?
Carprog can help me at all? UPA or Fgtech should i need?”
Carprog reset airbag via K-Line
I would say both, carprog and xprog-m . Carprog v9.31 can do many types of airbag by K-line, so no need to open ecu, reads/clears DTC and crash data by Kline and by reading dumps as well, load them in its own software and clear them, then write back to eeprom, mcu…all in one go…
You can buy UPA USB as well, very good programmer.
You can’t cover all eeproms and MCU’s with one or two programmers…
Genuine CarProg vs Clone CarProg
The clone version works great on pretty much anything (airbag reset is definitely yes) up to about 2008-2010 but it does not support the MAC and XC chips found in some of the late model vehicles.
So clone Carprog would be a reasonable choice… learn with it, make a few $$ from it and upgrade to the original tool with the full software package and adapters. They now even have the option to ‘Legalize’ the clones to be fully updateable and work with the new chips and software that requires an internet connection for about $1500.
UPA vs Xprog vs FGtech v54 vs Carprog
UPA & Xprog m are just programmers can read MCU and EEPORMS, very different from Carprog
FGTECH v54 – its a BDM programmer for ECU and OBD2
CARPROG – programmer + many calculators, immo airbag key …. car radio, nav… read EEPROMS, some dashes are working and couple AIRBAG MCU. You can read opel pin code from ecus. with 4.74 can do couple Keys.
If car is not very new you can read all memories with tools above.
In my opinion and when i started, i buy 2014 UPA USB first for everything eprom and mcu related, very good tool and affordable also the script capability is a wonderful thing and really gives speed to your work. After Fgtech galletto v54 for ecu bdm, jtag, boot mode etc… For other specific jobs then think ETL Xprog Carprog etc… This is my opinion its value its up to you to decide.
Anyway, you must look for what you want or what you need a good programmer to read all cpu and eeprom, or you want a programmer ( can read all eeprom but can’t read all cpu motorola ) with some calculations !!