Chrysler Scan Tool Foxwell vs. Autel MD802

Which hand-held OBD2 scanner is better for Chrysler diagnosis, Autel or Foxwell? Check our user feedback below:

Recently picked up an Autel MD802 all system and a NT510 Chrysler.

Purchased the autel here after doing some digging and finding they were an authorized dealer (price seemed too good to be legitimate at $230 for all system ). Serials were fine and had no trouble registering it. It is comprehensive as far as diagnostics go, but, for Chrysler at least has zero bidirectional ability. Still for the vast array of makes and models it covers, I'll keep it to handle all of the friends and family jobs I get stuck with.

The Foxwell NT510 I scored off from same dealer, Powerscan. Had good feedback, so I went with it. Again, no problems registering the unit. Far more comprehensive. Ability to test specific modules, and perform calibration tests, which is what I got it for in the first place (replacing blend door actuator). Has a setting for ABS bleed, can dead cycle injectors, etc etc. The NT510 arrived with all current updates installed on an 8Gb micro SD card. All updates, for at least one make, will easily fit on the 8Gb micro SD with room to record data while scanning. The unit includes a micro SD card reader, which is how it communicates with the PC suite. Card goes in the reader, which occupies a USB slot, and that is how updates are performed. the USB cable that comes with the unit is only for printing functions apparently.

Lifetime updates on the Foxwell is a HUGE bonus. Adding other makes is $60 as someone else stated above. Which is pretty reasonable if you're primarily working on your own vehicles, or a handful of friend/family rides.

Autel lists coverage through 2016 for most makes now, which is good enough. Anything newer than that and it should be under warranty anyway. Updates on the autel are $100 but I don't anticipate buying updates for a few years if at all. By the time you're ready to update there will likely be another model available for cheap to move to, possibly with greater functionality, and a year of free updates at least... Updating the Autel took a good amount of time, as there were a lot of updates and they cover ALL makes and models. The unit came with a 16Gb badged regular SD card, which is actually 8Gb. All updates for all makes and models will not fit on an 8Gb card. The unit does not come with an SD card reader. You will need one to perform updates and backup cards. Card goes into the reader, reader into USB and that is how updates are performed. Again the USB cable is strictly for printing operations.

The speed on the two units feel comparable to me. The foxwell may be a little slower when scanning modules for which it has a greater level of control, but therein lies the rub as the bard would say. You're getting a lot more function, depth and control, for the time invested.

NT510 is unable to code new fobiks to a 2009 Dodge Journey, however it has a provision for replacing the WIM *and* keys interestingly. As well as the ability to erase keys from memory. You are only allowed to have a certain number of keys programmed to the vehicle at one time.

If it's your vehicle, I'd go with a NT510. If you're turning wrenches on a lot of different makes and models MD802 has plenty of diagnostic power.

Side note, on a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500, the MD802 will connect and read PCM. I have the red CCD 16 pin Chrysler connector for the Maxisys. Per Autel, this is the connector that is supposed to be used (there is a lot of speculation about which connector to use on the Internet with very little factual basis). The CCD connector offers ZERO extra capability on a 1997 Dodge Ram. Same functions with/without. No ABS coverage or SRS. For ABS codes you are still going to be grounding the #13 pin and counting lights.

The NT510 offered ZERO coverage on the 1997 Dodge Ram. Tried multiple methods of getting it to connect with no success.

Last side note, after backing up both units on the PCM and "exploring" they appear to use very similar programming. I wonder if someone with some computer smarts couldn't write some commands in there to increase coverage and function on one or the other units, much like RFE1 did to add TPMS coverage to the MD802 (borrowed code from a DS708 per their own website.)