DIY Add Adaptive Cruise Control on Ford F150 via IDS

I have a 2016 F150 502a, that I have added the adaptive Cruise Control components to yesterday. I’ve got Ford VCM2 IDS diagnostic scanner. Here are some clues to follow:

To summarize progress thus far:

1. I’ve programmed from an AB and calibrated the CCM
2. Enabled ACC in the BCM
3. Enabled collision warning and HUD in the IPC.

You need IDS and the Ford VCMII in order to initiate the calibration of the CCM.
The ACC system is still not active yet because of (2) modules:

1. The steering controls control module (SCCM) recognizes the new switch on the wheel and has thrown a communication fault. Pressing the on/off button does not produce a response on the IPC yet.

2. The ABS module appears to need a change in the instructions to enable the automatic braking function. The pigtail leading into the module has the HS CAN II wires ran, as well as a fuse in place for the automatic braking which I why I am confident the fix is in the programming.

The modules that I am certain are involved with ACC are the following: