DIY unblock KTAG firmware 6.070 from the Internet

All paid off!! I have spent one week to manage to reset and make work the KTAG firmware v6.070. I mean, i have unblocked KTAG machine from the Internet. And now, i would write this manual to help others.



I’m not responsible for your damage. All actions ON YOUR OWN RISKS.


Why to unblock ktag 6.070?

Because if your KTAG has been blocked from internet you will see customer code c5555.
How to unblock Ktag v6.070?
1)have to erase the lpc2478 (method heat and reset, using flashmagic with ttl com port.)
(you can search video in youtube lpc2478 unock)
2)have to program the processor, i have done with flash magic (not forget to remove the bridge) or you can program with J-link adapter.
use frmw.hex file.
3)has to erase you sd card and format it to fat32. (not load files here the software will do it.)
4)not your hardware is ready to be updated by software. copy envelope Ksuite to your c:/ and copy the envelope update to c:/ksuite/update.
(the update envelope has the data for your device to be updated)
5)not forget to disconnect internet and run 2 times the software to update and device and the families.

Possible problems and solutions when unblock KTAG:
1)the heat and reset function

How to turn off the red lamp so you can connect the flash magic:

usually reset 2 or 3 times you heat and wait the lamp to be turned off by the heat;

remove the heat gun and wait if the lamp 2-3 seconds with turn on;

if yes, do it again;

if not, try to connect;

if not connect, make reset and try again until you connect.
2)you may have serial l00000000 and fw 0 when erasing the processor.

If this happens, the the processor has short circuit a leg and the SD card cannot be ready it in fat32 system.
check the legs or clean them;
run the software and notice if you have a update serial;

ps. This is a user solution. All info here is just for sharing.

obdii365 warning:

Do not connect your computer to internet when you use your ChineseKTAG Ksuite master ecu tuning kit at, do not update the device in any way!