FVDI 2018 "Device has been Deactivated" Solution

I was using FVDI 2018 commander with internet connection. Now when i try to connect the device it says The device has been Deactivated.
fvdi 2018 device has been Deactivated 1
fvdi 2018 device has been Deactivated 2
Obdii365.com Solution:

Solution 1:
If you are new to FVDI 2018, try solution here:
The Quick Loader V2.0 is out of service, have to reinstall V3.0 software!! Download software above and install.
Or without Internet —C /Program X86-Abrites -open folder with mark where the loader is and start Loader from there.

Solution 2:

Download FVDI 2018 key recovery file

in setting.ini, change the SN (serial number) to your current fvdi S/N. 
fvdi 2018 device has been Deactivated solution
Run FVDI 2018 software again.