Ktag China Clone vs. K-tag EU Clone

There are many versions of Ktag programmers in the markets, some K-tag EU clones, some Ktag China clones. Here, OBDII365.com made comparison between these copy version ecu tuning tools: Ktag euro vs Ktag china.


EU K-TAG vs China K TAG:

EU clone is different from Chinese clone… The EU version is made on Austria with blue PCB (blue, red, purple, 3 colors of eu clone from different places)… while the Chinese version is made in the China factory with green PCB and high quality components.


Ktag eu clone programmer:

K-tag eu with blue board:


Eu ktag clone with red board:


Ktag eu clone with purple pcb:




Note: the purple ktag is the newest eu version with firmware v7.020.


Ktag china clone ecu tuning tool:

Ktag clone with green pcb:

Ktag V6.070



Note: there are different chinese ktag, all with green pcb. And the pcb designed as above is the most popular one. The ktag firmware v6.070 can work with ksuite v2.13 for lots of ECU types without token limitation, including the newest BMW Gasoline F Chassis and Mercedes W222.

Ktag v6.070 car list: k-tag-ksuit-supported-list.xlsx


Ktag ktm100:



Note: this is the newest ktag firmware v7.003 with one button for token reset. And this KTM100 K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible.

Ktag ktm100 car list: ktm100-ktag-car-list.pdf


Ktag v6.070 vs ktag ktm100 v7.003:

Product Ktag v6.070 Ktag KTM100 v7.003
Image se80-c-ktag se80-d-ktag-ktm100
Firmware version V6.070 V7.003
Software version Ksuite V2.13 KTM100 V2.13
Token charging Through PC programming With one renew button
BMW F chassis petrol NO YES
Mercedes-Benz W222 NO YES
Language English / Italian / German / French / Portuguese / Spanish English / Italian / Portuguese,
Protocol over 95%



More than ktag ksuite





The differences of Ktag clones with purple 2016, blue, red or green PCB:

The green board Ktag have been worked much more as technicians and users tested on various ECUs without issues along the way. Also, the professionals have been fitting all with much better optical connectors.

Ktag clone with green PCB wins!