Launch X431 Creader VIII(CRP129) User's Manual and Register & Update Instruction

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(UK Ship, No Tax) Original Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129) Comprehensive OBDII Code Reader Free Update Online

(UK Ship, No Tax) Original Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129) Comprehensive OBDII Code Reader Free Update Online

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Launch X431 Creader VIII (CRP129)
Supports Multi-language and online update.
Applicable for all OBDII vehicles.
Creader VIII replaceS CRP129 definitely on functions

creader-crp123-viii-crp129-register-and-update-manual.pdf  (191K)

launch-creader-viii-crp129-user-manual.pdf  (722K)

How to register this Launch x431 creader VIII CRP129?

1) Register CC number.
Go to website Then creat a CC account for you. (Do not forget your CC account. In the future, you will need to use this account to log in official website and update your tool). You will find the "register" option in the top right corner, click it, then you will see the next page, choose "confirm and accept these terms". Then fill your information. Then CC number is registered ready.

2) Register your Device.
Use the CC account information you have created to log in and register your product. Then it will ask you to register your Device. Find your device Type. Serial number is in the back of the main unit. For register password. Start your creader VIII CRP129, go to "Help" option, then choose "Tool information", then you will find the serial number and register password. Then you will get the password. Fill this password in the password box. For dealer code, our dealer code is "86A". After you done these all, then your device is successfully registered. Now go to "download center", you will find all the software you need. Download the software and install it to your device.
For this code reader, there is no IP limitation. You can download the software anywhere you like.

3) In the future, if you want to update your tool, you can use your CC number to log in official website to download the latest software to update your tool.

Following is the link for detailed register and update steps:

Launch CRP129 Reviews:

Why should buy this scanner?

Using the Launch OBDII Diagnostic Scan is said to come with numerous benefits. Some of which include;

  • Saves time and resources– its multi functionality features can enable the technician or the owner gets several updates in real-time. In this process, time and money is drastically saved.
  • Efficient and durable – the OBD 2 scan tool has been praised for its high level of efficiency in resolving matters to do with the motor vehicle engine. It has what may be required for a modern motor vehicle.
  • A clear sense of technology– if you are yearning to come into real contact with modern technology in the area of the OBD2 scan machines, then this is the real machine.


I had been suffering for a long time before I came across this machine. However, I met a friend who referred me to purchase this scan tool. The OBD2 scan tool worked fantastically in the several vehicle models I have since used it on. I specifically love the screen data relay mechanism. It has worked for other people whom I have interacted with. I know it can equally work for you if you are after something advanced enough to serve you without soiling your hands.


Things We Liked

  • Technologically savvy setup- the level of technological advanced settings found in the Launch OBDII Diagnostic Scan are enough to help one realize the importance of the several features of the scan machine technology. For those with little information technology know-how it increases the level of knowledge.
  • Easy to use- despite its several settings, the OBD scan machine is known to come with clear and easy to use user manual.
  • It is fast and efficient- the OBD2 scan machine has an internet enabled data refreshing mechanism which makes it relay the data codes in real time. This feature makes the person involved in the technical work to rectify any fault quickly.
  • High compatibility modes- this feature alone is important because it is able to encode both manufacturer specified codes and other severally available generic code. Its use is therefore widespread.


Things We Didn't Like

  • It is complex- the nature of its several combined setups is one reason why most people find this OBD scan tool cumbersome to use. This nature of complexity also creates another nightmare both for technicians and laymen. Getting to decipher the codes and acting on them may therefore slow down.
  • Conclusion

    Despite its great features, every machine must have some weaknesses and that is not exclusive to the Launch CRP129 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan tool. You can shop around and sample some equally effective scan tools available in the market, if you may ask me, then this is your perfect fit.