LAUNCH X431 PAD5 Supported List for ECU Online Programming and Coding

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(Ship from UAE) Launch X431 PAD V (PAD 5) Universal Diagnostic System with Smart Box 3.0 Free Update for 3 Years

(Ship from UAE) Launch X431 PAD V (PAD 5) Universal Diagnostic System with Smart Box 3.0 Free Update for 3 Years

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X-431 PAD V is Launch’s latest top-end car comprehensive diagnostic scan tool based on the Android 7.1 system.
Free Update Online for 3 Years, subscription is 599USD/yr after 3 yrs.

LAUNCH-X431-pad5-nissan-infiniti-supported-list.xlsx  (22K)

LAUNCH-X431-pad5-porsche-supported-list.xlsx  (20K)
launch-x431-pad5-bmw-supported-car-list.pdf  (74K)
launch-x431-pad5-benz-list-for-online-programming-coding.pdf  (709K)
LAUNCH-X431-pad5-VW-AUDI-SKODA-supported-list.xlsx  (73K)

How to Install Launch X431 PAD V 5 Smart Box Software Package and Driver?

2.1 Installation Steps of Software Package

Attention: Please ensure that the PC user has administrator rights and Smartbox3.0 has been connected to a PC before installation.
Step 1: Open "SmartBox_3.0_Setup.exe", and select the installation path according to prompts
Step 2: Click 'Change' to select the installation path, and then click 'Next'
Step 3: After confirming the installation path, click 'Next'
Step 4: Click 'Next' to start to install the driver. It is recommended to have the device connected before installing the driver. The software shall install by itself.
Step 5: Click 'Done'. Drivers installed!
Step 6: Click 'Done' again. Software installed!
2.1.2 J2534 Registry Information View (Reserved) 
After installing the software, LAUNCH's corresponding registration information about J2534Dll can be seen in the registry. Open "Run" window (shortcut "Windows+R"); enter the command "regedit", as shown below:
Enter the registry, and find LAUNCH's J2534 DLL registration information according to the  following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PassThruSupport.04.04
Note: It may be because of the 64-bit operating system, if you cannot view the registration information. You can find it according to the following path: 
The Screenshot is shown below: