MB Star Compact C4 Fit All Computer FAQ

MB Star Compact C4 Fit All Computer Technical Service FAQ:

Q: I want to change the language from English to Danish,how can I do it?
A: You can change the X-entry language only, after change it, DAS will change to Danish automatically.

Q: What is the difference between MB Star C3 and MB Star C4?
A: For the functions, the C3 and C4 are almost the same, they all have 2 verions for the hardisk, one is for IBM T30 laptop,and the other is fit for all the computer.The software is all included on the hardisk, it is ok that you just install the software on your computer. But for the anti-interupting ability, c4 is stronger than c3. It means when c4 tests cars, it is hard to influence by the environment outside, such as magnetic field, noise and so on. From the appearance, the volume of c4 is smaller than c3.
In short, they are almost the same good quality and functions; it is up to you to choose which one is you wanted most.

Q: Can it do CDI Sprinter diagnostis?
A: Yes,it is ok for Mercedes models.

Q: How can I activate this item?
A: Please send Lan-ID,HW-ID,APP-ID,Hardware Fingerprint to us, we will activate for you.

What Else Need to Be Pay Attention?

1. Your computer system must be Windows XP.
2. When using this software fit all computer, you must close anti-virus software totally. Otherwise, anti-virus software will damage the software.
3. Your computer must support USB 2.0. Have more than 512MB memory.
4. MB STAR C4 not good at diagnose truck. If you want do trucks,please choose the best quality truck.