MPPS V16 Clone Wrong Voltage solved by PCB Rework

I just picked up a MPPS v16 ecu tuning kit china clone. It seems to work but shows the wrong voltage. Maybe there is something wrong with the hardware. Here are some tips of how to modify and fix it. Big thanks to the folk in the MH community. Helped me a lot!


My working clone has the blue board in it.


R13 and R7 and R8 bad because 3digit resistor bigger tolerance 5%
Check only R13 value

it is wrong in most of Clones


Use 4 digit resistor tolerance 1% or less
and change 3 resistors.
R13 47kohm

R7. 4.7kohm

R8. 120ohm Size 0805.
For a farnell codes for R7 ,R8 and R13 Resistors:

Just go to any electronics part store such as and type in the 4 digit numbers for search 4702, 4701, 1200.
it will pull up lots of the correct surface mount resistors and they will let you order only what you need


After that voltage is correct. Very small resistors, solder carefully.



Here is my test result: OK!

Reworked one unit after showing wrong voltage 30 volt.
Reworked with normal size resistors 1% percent tolerance.

R8-120ohm 1%.
R7-4.7kohm 5% stock resistor not changed, i’m going to change it but i think there is no difference.
R13-47kohm 1%.

Tested with the car switched on and also off, all good voltage is ok.
Read, write ok.




Have seen my friend’s mpps v18 ecu flasher pcb. It seems much more better in design and quality. He says it’s working more stable and fast. Maybe i need buy a new one.