How to Register BMW F10 New Battery with Rheingold ISTA

This is a mini guide on how to use Rheingold ISTA register battery for BMW F10.

Procedures of BMW F10 Battery Registration by Rheingold ISTA:

Connect your hardware to your BMW vehicle,then open the Rheingold ISTA.

At first,read your vehicle there you go click on activities.

Select service function,select number 03 body go all the way down to voltage supply to select “Battery”

Select “Register battery change”

Then click on ABL register battery replacement

It prompt “Searching for documents”

Then it will show the info to wait


Select “Register battery replacement”

Then go next,it prompt below:

In the next test step,the battery exchange is entered!

Procedure the follow state:

Engine off

Terminal 15 on

Important!Entry cannot be canceled!

Original battery type and battery capacity acc. to vehicle order 90Ah…

Click “Enter battery,replacement same capacity”

Then it will ask “Is the newly installed battery an original BMW component”

Here I click “NO”

Please wait…

The battery replacement was successfully registered.