Solution! Rheingold with INPA K+Dcan cable cannot recognize BMW Cars

Here is the customer solution to make ICOM Rheingold engineer software with BMW INPA K+DCANinterface. Put it here for sharing.



This is a customer solution, so obd365 is not responsible for this. Experienced skills are required here, or you would be at risks to have a try.


Backgroud info:

The customer did with KDCAN cable from China. It worked good with INPA on vmware xp sp3 and saw connected car (BMW E39). But when he tried to use BMW ICOM Rheingold, it cannot see/ recognize the car.


PCB of this cable looks that:



Useful solution by he tried:

In Rheingold, he clicked on the wrench key logo (settings), then clicked on VCI Config and selected the first option as shown here:

The adapter was only bridging pins 7 and 8, so he was advised to go ahead and solder them together as shown here:


And after soldering, it works !!! Rheingold and K+Dcan cable can recognized and diagnose BMW E39.