SVCI 2020 Missing Database Solution

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2020 SVCI Commander SVCI Diagnostic Tool with Full 22 Software Unlock Version with V-AG Special Functions Activated

2020 SVCI Commander SVCI Diagnostic Tool with Full 22 Software Unlock Version with V-AG Special Functions Activated

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2020 SVCI abrites commander with 22 software. Supports vehicles till year 2019.
Adds Suzuki, JLR and Daihatsu software (other SVCI can't support)
Adds special functions for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Benz
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1) Datadase missing issue:

Problem 1:

When you open the Abrites commander BMW v10.4, v10.5 software with SVCI 2020/SVCI 2019 device, the following error will be reported when reading the DTC functions.

"Missing DTC database. Install the ABRITUS Common setup"

Problem 2:
when you want to program the radio eg function with BMW software, it will appear the error information like below figures.

"Could not determine coding file name for device ASK_60"


step 1: Open the SVCI2020 installation directory
step 2: Enter "C: Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common2\ " directory and copy BMW folder to "C: Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Common\" directory.


2) mfc110u.dll or others dll files missing problem


When we install SVCI2020 or SVCI2019 software and run it, sometimes it will be occur system errors which indicate mfc100u.dll or others dll files was not found or mising.  As show in the figure below.

Caused the error reason:  SVCI2020 software some dll files are killed by anti-virus software or some operations are suddenly interrupted during installation


The solution:

At first, you must make sure the anti-virus was uninstalled, and then reinstall SVCI2020 or SVCI2019 software or install patch files.

Go to patch folder directory( C:\Program Files (x86)\Abrites Commander Software List\Patch). as show in the figure below, and then install these application. the system error will be solved.


3) Spawn app failed:2/3/4/5/6


Spawn app failed : 2 -------------> When the version is selected, and then the user cancel it.

Spawn app failed : 3 -------------> Dongle program missing

Spawn app failed : 4 -------------> Dongle program failed to start

Spawn app failed : 5 -------------> Dongle serial port communication error

Spawn app failed : 6 -------------> Quickloader failed to start


4) Connection Error problem


In general,Caused this error that is the windows system compatible problem.  This problem will not occur if you install svci2019 or svci2020 software in win10 64bit professional.

The main reason for this error is that the USB driver version is too lower. By default, v2.12.28 version driver will be installed in the system, but this version driver cannot be successfully installed due to system reasons.



USB driver v2.12.28-x86

USB driver v2.12.28-x64

SVCI 2020 2019 Interface Not Connected Error Solution