How to Update Xtool X100 Pro2, TP200, X300P etc?

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[Supports Special Function] XTOOL X300P Auto Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Update Online

[Supports Special Function] XTOOL X300P Auto Diagnostic Tool OBD2 Scanner Update Online

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X300P is a powerful diagnostic device for special vehicle functions. Includes ABS Bleeding, Battery Replacement, Maintenance Light Reset, EPB electronic brake replacement brake pad, OBD II engine diagnostics, tire pressure warning light reset,electronic steering matching,tooth learning,throttle body reset,etc.
Here's step-by-step online update guide of xtool products, including TP200X300PX100 ProX100 Pro2X300 Plus.
Step 1: Visit Xtool official website
Step 2: Select product you desired,  download and Install the upgrade tool installation package
Step 3:  Extract the installation package into an upgrade tool
Step 4:
Connect xtool device to Windows computer with Type-c cable; (If the USB device cannot be recognized.
Use this method: 1) insert the TYPE-C connector halfway to make the screen light up.  2)  then insert all of the TYPE-C connector to identify the USB device)

Step 5: 
Open the upgrade tool,input the Product SN and Password,then click login;
(Certificate of conformity with S / N and password.
Note: The serial number begins with the three letters PRO)

Step 6: Select the required language upgrade;
Step 7: Wait until the upgrade completed.