Vas 5054a Bluetooth ODIS 2.0 driver free download

vas 5054a Bluetooth interface (Item No SP33-D) software driver free download

VAG diagnostic tool cheapest vas 5054a Bluetooth with OKI chip (Item No sp33-D) for VW/Audi/Sokda/Seat cannot recognize ODIS 2.0 software and cannot detect driver problem solution is provided here.



One of our customer has got the cheapest vas 5054 diagnostic interface and tried to install ODIS 2.0 software on Win 7 32 bit operating system, but the system did not recognize the software and cannot detect driver either.  He then tried other systems, Windows xp 32 bit, 43bit and win 7 64 bit, all remains the same errors.


COM Port was set to COM4

Error USB-not connected


“Device is not accessible” error



Possible reason

Did not install the odis 2.0 driver



Free download ODIS 2.0 driver for vas 5054a SP33-D with OKI chip

First install ODIS v2.0 software, then install this driver. If you choose to install vas-pc v19 software, you need to install the driver as well.

There is a simple way to tell if your cheapest vas5054a interface is compatible with ODIS 2.0 or not. If your vas 5054a cable can work with vas-pc v19, then it will work with odis 2.0.