Xhorse BMW Multi Tool V7.7 Get Device Info Failed (Solved)

The latest software version of Xhorse BMW Multi Tool CAS 1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+ OBD2 key programmer goes to V7.7.


Recently a customer contact obdii365.com engineer saying he had update error when updating BMW Multi Tool to v7.7.

It reads “Get Device Info failed”



Xhorse BMW Multi Tool has stopped upgrade some time ago. So you cannot run an update to 7.7 currently.

Directly use the current version to communicate with cars. Do not read device information any more.


Another confusion:
Connect BMW Multi Tool key programmer with car ECU, select Auto Detect, but nothing detected. Cannot read eeprom either.



Do not select “Auto Detect” option.

Select detail car model and protocol to communicate with car ECU, then read eeprom.