Xprog M v5.0 read dump from Mercedes W203 EIS

Have managed to read dump from W203 EIS module with Xprog m v5.0 box ecu programmer, flash and eeprom OK)


Mask: 3K91D


EZS P/N: 209 545 05 08

Type: W211_HC12

Circuit board from AK500 key programmer:

the test points to solder to the EIS board

AK500 Key Programmer_3511046_b
the signal names from this image:

19 -BKGD

good connection for your EZS:


Finally I can read dumps by Xprog. Confirmed, flash and eeprom OK.

Dumps: w211_hc12_ezs.rar

*** some tips of the EZS: (from a user)

if you can’t connect with SD and dash says ‘—-‘, then is your EZS dead. It could happened when you tried to connect it with xprog, or it went just broken itself. Could be question of flash it and “eeprom it”, but it can be also the MCU is dead. then you’ll need or MCU exchange or use another EZS.

No matter if you buy MCU or EZS, you’ll have still to do this:

put in EZS eeprom correct VIN, because otherwise you will have problem with airbag and ecu’s sync (this EZS nr. can be from diesel or petrol car), put there the same km’s like in dash board, otherwise the ‘—-‘ may not disappear.

then you’ll need to calc and prog. the keys.

after this you’ll need to virginize engine ECU and ESL.
Install everything back, and make it work with SD.