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Product Description

Autohex II BMW Software is your best choice if you are looking for a total solution for all BMW matters you may face in BMW E/F or G series, it combines the Ecu programming, Ecu coding, Manual coding, vehicle order editor, BMW ISN Editor including the latest MDG1 Ecus, Key programming and more functions.

Original Autohex II BMW Full Package Diagnostic Tool

Why do you buy Autohex II BMW Full  from OBDII365 ?
  • Microtronik official authorized dealer
  • Update Online on www.Microtronik.com, 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 year technical support from Microtronik official
  • Lifetime Tech Support Online from OBDII365

Autohex II BMW Full Package Highlights:
  • With powerful HexTag BDM and Key programmer
  • Autohex II Hardware WVCI HW 4
  • BMW Software Standard License
  • ISN Boot Mode License
  • BMW ECU Programming License
  • BMW Key Programming License
  • BMW ISTA/D driver to run dealer software
  • 1 year online access to online programming

Using this kit you can do following:
  • Read old ISN in BMW E series for following Ecus:D62M57A0,  D62M57B0,  D60PSA0,  D50M57A0,  D50M57E1,  D60M47A0,  D60M57A0,  MEV9N46L,  ME9N45,  ME9N62,  ME9E65_6,  N73_L0,  N73_R0,  ME9N62_2,  MSV70,  MS450DS0,  N62_TUE,  N62_TUE2.
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW E series from following Ecus:  MSV80,  MSD80,  MSD81,  MSD85,  MSD85Y,  MSS60,  MEVD176K,  ME17N45,  MED17_2,  MED17_2N,  MEV17_2,  MEV17N46,  MEVD174K, MEVD174KW,  MV1722,  MVD1722,  MEVD172,  MEVD1724,  MEVD1723, MEVD1725,  MEVD172Y,  MEVD17KW,  D70N47A0,  D70N47B0,  D71N47A0,  D71N47B0,  D71N47C0,  D71N47D0,  D72N47A0,  D72N47B0,  D73N47A0,  D73N57A0,  D73N57B0,  D73N57C0,  D73N57D0
  • Read Long ISN (SK) in BMW F series from following Ecus: MEVD172Y,  MEVD172,  MEVD1724,  MEVD1725,  N63TU_L0,  N63TU_R0,  S63TU_L0,  S63TU_R0
  • ISN Reading from Tricore Ecus by boot mode.
  • Indivedual Programming for any Ecu in BMW E and F series
  • Ecu Swapping if hardware is matched.
  • CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ read and write ISN and SK
  • Key Programming For E and F series (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 ,CAS4+, FEM, BDC)
  • BMW E series EGS ISN matching with CAS
  • BMW F series EGS 8HP EWS Resetting
  • BMW E Series, F Series and G Series coding for all Ecus (calculation of Ecucoding is calculated from FA)
  • BMW advanced coding (manual coding)
  • Vehicle order modification and backup and restore from LM,FRM,...ETC
  • Do diagnose and service functions from Autohex II (Read and erase fault codes, data stream values, activations, reset adaptation,...)
  • Use BMW ISTA-D on Autohex II WVCI (BMW ISTA-D Driver)
  • Unlock secrity of BDC and FEM to able to: Change BDC and FEM VIN, Change BDC and FEM ISN, Mileage Reset for BDC and FEM, and making a key for BDC and FEM.
  • Read and write ISN of MSD85, MSD87, MSV90 in F series.
  • Read and write CAS 1,2,3,4 EEPROM and FLASH 100% safely
  • Read and write other modules from BMW,Mercedes, Audi, and others BDM protocol
  • Modify KOMBI Mileage
  • Renew all BMW keys and many other brands by HexTag tool.


1. HexTag ECU Cloning Function is free trial only for 90 days ,If you need ECU Cloning License after 90days, you can pay  $1000 for subscription for the first year, after which annual update fee is $750.
(Check Supported ECU List).
2. We offer one year warranty, but no service for no return for refund ,please kindly note,thank you.

Microtronik Autohex II BMW Technical Parameters:

Processor                                  ARM Cortex M3
Power Supply                           8-18V
Power  consumption                2.5 -3.5W
Max Working Temperature      50 ℃
Diagnostic   socket                   EOBD II16 Pins
Host Interface Full Speed         12MBPS   USB 2.0
Wireless Connection                Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Operating system                     Win7, Win8 and Win10

Packing List:

Autohex II Hardware WVCI HW 4
HexTag BDM and Key programmer
Autohex II bmw full package

Free Software included:

BMW Software Standard License
ISN Boot Mode License
BMW Ecu Programming License
BMW Key Programming License
BMW ISTA/D driver to run dealer software
1 year online access to online programming

AutoHex II BMW Update Log

Autohex II BMW Functions in Detail


BMW Ecu Programming is an easy to use with Autohex II, it performs Flashing the Ecu with latest version,code it,Change VIN, and other functions in one step.

BMW ISN Editor Software in Autohex II lets you read ISN from DME, match it with CAS. This is essential for DME or CAS replacement, Autohex reads ISN from wide range of DME/DDE

Autohex II Ecu coding for BMW is a straight forward function, you can choose between Auto and Manual coding to encode the Ecu you wish

Autohex II BMW Software can do two methods of Ecu coding, auto coding which will be calculated from FA, and a manual coding for Ecu modification

Autohex II BMW Software can write FA into CAS from other Ecus,backup FA in other Ecus, also you can modify the vehicle order safely


Autohex II supports EGS EWS Reset for 6HP in E series and EGS EWS Reset for 8HP in F and G series, only few steps are required

For making keys, reading ISN and changing VIN for CAS which comes with specified part numbers, will not work just through direct reading, CAS Firmware function should be done to make it work

BMW Key programming by Autohex II is done by OBD, No dump is required. including CAS with latest update and all keys lost. it supports all BMW Models as well Mini cooper.

Autohex II is the only tool that can unlock FEM/BDC without soldering, and it is the only tool that regenerates a secret file, and the only tool that can restore FEM back

We are here for you:

Skype: OBDII365.com
Email: Sales@OBDII365.com
Whatsapp : +86 18150118226


AutoHex II Program BMW FEM All Keys Lost and DME is Lost

AutoHex II Read and Write BMW F series DME MSV90

AutoHex II Delete Reset keys from FEM BDC and CAS4

AutoHex II BMW Read and Write ISN MSD87 from DME

Tech Support

Here are the BMW Autohex II reviews based on users' working experience.

Been using this for the last month or so, very good for BMW. We have used it in various vehicles for the following procedures:

ISN Read
Replacing ECUs with donor ECUs from other vehicles.
ECU doesn't have to be the same part number and this tool auto corrects the coding for the vehicle.

The best thing about flashing is that it has True Expert mode allowing you to program and code individual modules unlike ISTA-P Expert Mode were it will auto add other modules even though you have taken them out the measure plan. 

The diagnostic side of Autohex II on par with ISTA-D but it has a much faster operational time. Incidentally it can be used as a pass-through device for ISTA.

As far as support goes, anytime I have needed help, they have been able to come on via TeamViewer and guide me through the process.

Here is a quick step by step for ISN read:

ISN changing for CAS3+ having BMW Partnumber: 9262360,9262361,9262361,9267609,9287534,9287535:
1- Go to FA Manager, select button 1 (Save CAS FA Into FRM or LM)
2- Go to CAS Firmware, and do CAS firmware, this will take about 7 minutes.
3- Go to ISN Manager and do the ISN / SK change you would to.
4- After finishing ISN / SK saving, you MUST, either:
A- Disconnect CAS and connect again (Unpower / power again)
B- Or, disconnect battery cable and connect again.

yesterday we had a 745li 2004 bmw
dme problem
it took us less then 10mins to program a used ecu,i used to read and write way too much work and risk of damage to hardware..but this tool made our work very easy.
 auto hex ii just 2 month and very happy with there support also very quick response... keep it up 

 I've personally had autohex for about 2 months and luckily I've had 3 cars to play with.
First car was a Bmw e90 faulty DME I purchased a x3 DME with matching numbers and read isn and coded vehicle and could not believe it worked with such ease !!!!
2nd vehicle was also an e90 although this time it was a MSV80 as I've tried doing this with competitors tool before without success or SUPPORT bit I'm not hear to bash on thee tools!
But it was just as easy to do ,
As for the third it was today's main event it was a e70 with water in DME 
so I got a DMEwith same numbers read and write CAS as usual go to diagnose perform CAS-DME adjust car started peformed EGS/EWS SYNC and this car was ready to go !!!!!! That's something I couldn't do before and it's a $1000 option on other tools 😉
I've had to contact the team at MICROTRONIK to explain how to do something's and WOW WOW WOW is all I can say these guys are EXCELLENT freindly and very helpful 
I honestly think this is my best euro tool investment !!!!!
Very fair price 
Too cheap compared to others
I think it's performance is a new bench mark !!!
Thank you to the team a MIKROTRONK
for such a great tool 

today I was very happy with wireless function ,
there was a lot of cars at my work shop and no place to stop a car on the side walk, I had a customer who wants to replace a bad working ecu-ms45.1 for e 60-
I was busy programming another mb cas on my laptop , so I thought let me try the wireless function , the damaged car was in the middle of the road , so I quickly exchanged the good ecu from junk and made adjustment and the car started . it took about 4 min and I was don.
no other device like autohex2 has this function .
it got me easy money very fast.

Autohex II designed to be fully automated. it calculates the required software for each ecu depends on the vehicle order.
I know you work on bench and sometimes you plug a different cas for a different DME, trust me, if we go to manual methods, 100s of Ecus will get damaged by selecting the wrong part number.
If I am not wrong, I have logged to your laptop today by teamviewer and you see that the part number you required was there, all what you had to do is only updating the DME.
It is easy and straight forward as long as you are following the standards.
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