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Product Description

B800 Airbag Scan/Reset Tool available for most BMWs built between 1994 and 2003,Display all SRS fault codes.
B800 Airbag Scan/Reset Tool for  BMW

B800 Airbag Scan/Reset Tool for BMW can used to reset the "SRS" Light. Very easy to use. With user manual in the package,tell you how to use this item.BMW B800 Airbag Scan/Reset Tool QC MARK


 Models available for most for BMWs built between 1994 and 2003
- Displays all SRS fault codes, tells you what's wrong. Resets the "SRS" Light
- SRS airbag light reset tool for BW
- Reset the dashboard SRS airbag light within seconds
- Color: Mainly Yellow(as pictures shown)
- Dimension: 94.5 x 50 x 15mm(L*W*T)
- Weight: 350g

Fit the following for BMW models:


This tool only works on the vehicles between the years of 1994 - 2003
User guide included (it displays all possible airbag fault codes)
16 to 20 pin connector
LCD display

Package including:

1pc x B800 Main Unit
1pc x BMW 20PIN Connector
1pc x User's Manual

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Tech Support

These are some of the customer reviews on B800 Airbag SRS reset scanner:

Review 1:

VERY IMPORTANT CAPS: Use with DIAGNOSTIC PORT UNDER THE HOOD, not the OBD-2 port under steering wheel; at least that's what I had to do with my 2000 323i. I thought it was broken at first and not very happy but after playing around with it, (as the manual tells you to do,) I got it to work. I then used it on my friends 98 740 and it worked as well. In the end it did everything I needed it to, so I am very happy with the product.

Review 2:

Works. Simple. Took my 1999 BMW 323 to independent shop, they charged me $50 to diagnose SRS. ECU fault. Said it immediately re-coded upon reset. I bought this tool, same code shown, same re-code upon reset. There are other $100+ tools. I recommend this one.

Review 3:
Every time that I remove the door panels or the seats on my E36, the air bag fault light comes on.
I bought the B800 SRS tool specifically for the purpose of resetting the warning light. It performs this function perfectly. It will also read the codes if for some reason the warning light was to come on for an unknown reason.
It does not read any codes other than those for the airbag circuit. That is what i bought it for. It hooks up easily and functions perfectly every time. Well worth the money.

Review 4:
Simple Tool, I have a BMW e46 (2000 328i) The port under steering wheel does not work with this tool, BUT use the 20Pin Adapter, Pop open the hood and on the passenger side...use that port and it will tell you all the codes quickly and allows you to reset... and my airbag light went away, I will still keep this tool handy in glove box just incase

Review 5:
This one worked to clear the code on my 1999 E46 BMW after I did a window regulator replacement and forgot to plug the bag back in before testing. I'm pleasantly surprised! It even shipped with the OBD2 to 20 pin converter (which you will need for the newer models).

Review 6:
Product worked as advertised. I have a 1997 BMW M3 coupe that has an intermittent airbag issue. This helped a lot while I wait to get the car back in the shop for more trouble shooting. The seat belt tensioner has already been replaced along with some wiring. I rarely still get the dang light, about once per year as the car is not a daily driver. Glad this worked!!!

Review 7:
Worked perfectly, as advertised....No issues with easy to follow instructions....A must for those BMW backyard mechs like myself. I'm sure it would cost many times over if you took your BMW to a shop, especially at the dealer....

Review 8:
Worked great on my 98 328i.. Had taken passenger seat apart to fix recline feature and tripped the airbag light.
This tool identified 3 fault codes in the passenger seat. Reset or cleared faults. Airbag warning light has not come on since.
This tool is a great value.
1998 BMW E39 (best automobile ever)

Review 9:
Fantastic. Reset the annoying SRS fault in my 1998 E38 in seconds!

Review 10:
Worked perfect! Air bag light came on on my 1998 M3, and this gave me the code and successfully reset the light.