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XMAS MEGA SALE [AMT Software Offline Available] ECUHelp ECU Bench Tool Full Version with License Supports MD1 MG1 EDC16 MED9 ECUs No Need Open ECU

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Product Description

  1. Bench mode, no need to open ECUs
  2. Flash checksums are included, free VR files.
  3. Supports BMW EDC16 EDC17 MED17 ECUs
  4. Supports MG1 MD1, VAG/Volvo MED9 ECUs
ECU Bench Tool ECU Programmer Full Version with License

What is ECU Bench Tool?
ECU Bench Tool is a universal bench service tool.
The software automatically detects the ECU and memory types, which simplifies the process for the user. Access to the available memories is then granted, and the software allows you to individually read/write the desired data.

ECU Bench Tool allows you to read/write Bosch EDC ECU's using the TriCore processor on bench without actually opening the lid - which also includes access to the full flash areas (IROM/XROM and EEPROM).
This will make life a lot easier for engine controllers for which OBD programming protocols are not yet available, it will speed up the task of working with such vehicles no end.

What will you get?
1pc x BENCH Cable
1pc x  Power Adapter
1pc x  ECU Master Interface
1pc x  USB Cable

ECU Bench Tool currently supports (PCM Flash does not support these):
  • Bench mode: Bosch MEDC17 based on TriCore microprocessor.
  • Bench mode: Bosch MD1 MG1 based on Motorola MPC5777 / Aurix TC2xx microprocessor
  • Bench mode: Bosch EDC16& based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor.
  • Bench mode: VAG/VOLVO MED9 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor (Other brands using ME(D)9 are currently not supported, will be added in a future releases)
  • This tool is available as a master only. Flash checksums are included!
  • Bench mode mode operation
  • Supports old EDC16, MED9 no need open ECU, no risk
ecu bench tool read mg1 md1 ecus
ecu bench tool supported ecu list
ECU Bench Tool Software: Bench Service Tool software

ECUHelp 2.0 Function:

  • Wiring picture: to search and download wiring diagram
  • Virtual file: download virtual files (Not Free)
  • Tuning file: download ecu tuning file (Not Free)
  • ECU Service: DPF EGR REMOVE, DTC OFF  (Not Free)
ecu help 3.0 software 1
ecu help 3.0 software 2
ecu help 3.0 software 3
ecu help 3.0 software 4
ECU Bench Tool Connection
ECU Bench Tool Connection
ECU Bench Tool Bench Connection
ecu bench tool bench connection
ECU Bench Tool Reviews:
Vw passat 2018  Edc17c74  Adblue dpf egr off, Read ok  and Write ok
edc17c60 BENCH  psa OK
Edc16U1 ok
Edc17c50 ok
Edc17cp02 ok
edc17cp64 read write ok
Mercedes EDC17CP57 read write ok
edc17c74 vag ok
edc17c64  vag dpf egr off  ok read write ok
EDC16C1 ok
EDC16C35 ok
EDC17c84 nissan all ok
Edc17c70 ford all ok
Edc17c07 toyuota all ok
Md1 nissan all ok
vag EDC16U1-U34 ok
VAG EDC17CP20 ok 
MD1CP001 SPC5777 ok
EDC17C50 BMW all works ok.
Read med17.5.21 in 1m 26s, write a few seconds
edc17cp64 read write ok Mercedes EDC17CP57 read write ok
edc17cp20 dieselgate audi a4 read write no problem
read and write me17.5.26, everything is fine, compared to the at-200, reads, writes faster.
today edc17c60 , reading 3min, writing 3min, correction checksum ok, better than ktag clone in terms of timing (30min read write)

PCMTuner vs ECU Bench Tool
Item PCMtuner ECU Bench Tool
Image pcmtuner ecu bench tool
Price 499USD 329USD
Dongle with Smart Dongle without Dongle
Software 1. PCMtuner
2. PCMflash
1. AMT Bench Service Tool(AMT BST)
2. ECUHelp 
Version Master Master
Datacenter VZ Performace
ECUHelp 2.0
Network Connection Yes Yes
Update & Subscription 1. PCMtuner update online, no subscription, no annual fee
2. PCMflash update by dongle
Both ATM BST and ECUHelp Update Online
Checksum Yes Yes
VR read & Write Yes, Online Yes, Online
EDC16 NO Yes, no need open ECU
EDC17 MEDC17 Yes, good for this Yes, only few models
MG1 MD1 Coming soon, need buy new adapter yes, the license freely activated already
VAG Volvo ME9 NO yes, no need open ECU
Operation Mode OBD, Bench, Boot Bench
Offline/Online Work offline, VR need online Work offline, VR need online
Activation Yes, provide SN and register email to activate Yes, provide SN to activate
ECU List PCMtuner ECU List ECU Bench Tool ECU List
ECU Tuning Service Download VR files for free
Pay for tuning file
Download VR files for free
Pay for tuning file

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How to Install ECU Bench Tool Software?

ECU Bench Tool read BMW MG1CS003 ECU EEPROM & Flash

ECU Bench Tool read Audi MED9.1 MPC562 ECU on bench

Tech Support

How to Install ECU Bench Tool Software?

Download and extract EBTSetup file above

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 1

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 2

Run EBTSetup
Accept license agreement
Choose destination location

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 3

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 4
Install ECU Bench Tool Software 5
Install AMT driver software

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 6
Install ECUHelp 2.0

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 7
Install Microsoft Visual C++

Connect ECU Bench tool with laptop
Go to device manager, check device is connected

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 8

Run EBT software from desktop

Now software is ready to use

Install ECU Bench Tool Software 9
Install ECU Bench Tool Software 10

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