VCM II Diagnostic Tool for Ford IDS V117 Installation without VMware Supports Online Programming

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Product Description

  1. Ford VCM II Diagnostic Tool, with Ford IDS: V117
  2. Supports online programming if you have online account.
Ford VCM II Diagnostic Tool Ford IDS V117 

Top 6 Reasons to Get VCM II:

1.The newest software version and free update. Ford IDS: V117 
2.Iinstall the software without license and virtual machine
3.Support online function
4.Programming very stable,best quality
5.Support online programming if you have online account
6.Free Ford PIN calculator(user name is flyfvdi, password is flyfvdi@2018)

Operating system: Windows7 32bit, C disk space is at least 35G.

Ford VCM II Software installation:

1.Ford and Mazda IDS software cannot install the same computer at the same time

2.Install Ford IDS/ Mazda IDS software according to the default path installation (not change the installation path) ,Please Exit or uninstall anti-virus software before installing software.

3.When installing IDS software, install the initial version of the subsequent upgrade patch version. (e.g.110.01,then110.02,110.03......)

4.After successful installation of IDS software, install VCMXLoader startup software and install it by default (check the Ford/Mazda IDS Programming Menu Patch option unless the computer system reports an error and the prompt point "Confirm" and "Yes" appears)

5.IDS software must be run by VCMXLoader (IDS software can not be started directly) when using IDS. Only by connecting devices can IDS software be run. When running the software, please select the appropriate model (Ford or Mazda) )

6.Question about online functions when enter the account password interface : if when jump page (the ActiveX controller is not enabled or not installed, please be sure to enable all the ActiveX controller prompts) on this site is typically IE browser has a problem, suggest that install the latest version of Internet explorer and use IE browser setting as the default browser

7.IDS software must start with VCMXLoader.

Kindly Note: Mazda software was not tested ,but our VCM2 scanner can support Mazda, if you have technical knowledge ,you can have a test by yourself.

Ford VCM II Diagnostic Tool Function:

1. Automatic vehicle recognition
2. Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
3. Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
4. Guided Fault Finding
5. New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
6. Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
7. Program New Keys
8. Injector Coding
9. Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
10. DPF Regeneration
11. Brake Bleeding
12. Steering Angle Resets
13. All Other Dealer Functions
Package List:
1pc x VCM2 interface
1pc x OBD2 cable
1pc x USB cable
1pc x CD-DVD
1pc x Plastic box

Review: VCM2 (SP177-1) Ford IDS V112 Native Install on Windows 7
 Ford VCM II Software Display:

ford vcm ii software

Ford VCM II PCB Display:
 Ford VCM II  PCB board
 Ford VCM II  PCB board display


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Tech Support

1.Free download & install IDS V117 Ford VCM2

IDS V117 is tested working fine with Ford VCM2 clone, this post is available with the newest IDS software new features, free download links and how to install.


  1. IDS V117 Free download + Installation Guide

Step 1: Download Diagnostic Software, then Install Diagnostic Software:

IDS 117 Full

FDRS 23.5.7

Step 2: Download VCI Software, then Install VCI Software:

VCI Software

Step 3: Download Diagnostic Software Updates (if available)
Then Run Diagnostic Software Updates:

Update IDS 117.04

Step 4: Download VMS
Then Install VMS
(Optional – VCMM Users Only)

VMS v1.1.1034.0

Click here for VMS Manual


After Installing: Diagnostic Software Updates will pop up on Mondays and Thursdays when available.


  1. VCI firmware what’s new – contain details on this new software.


VCM II & VCMM Device Software (“VCI Software”)

VCI Software

  • Previously, installing IDS or FDRS would install everything that is needed in order to use a VCM II/VCMM with any of the Ford diagnostic software (IDS, FDRS & VMS). There is now a new package separate from
  • IDS and FDRS, called VCI Software.
  • This VCI Software package WILL NEED to be downloaded in order to use your VCM II or VCMM, regardless of whether this is the first time you have downloaded IDS/FDRS.
  • This will improve download and installation time, as previously you were downloading and installing these components with BOTH IDS and FDRS.
  • You WILL NOT need to download and install this package every release, only when there is an update to the loaded code on the device.
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