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Clearance Sale STIC SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Interface Supports Ford Mazda J1850 Module Programming Update Online Supports IDS SDD TIS GDS2 ELM327

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Product Description

  1. Provide best shipping ways, US/EU warehouse in stock, no Tax.
  2. Full compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partly compatible with SAE J2534-2.
  3. Supports most of vehicle communication protocols.
  4. Can be as PassThru device for many dealer level diagnostic software.
  5. Can be as ELM327, supports most of ELM327 software.

STIC SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Interface Supports IDS SDD TIS GDS2 ELM327 Software


SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Interface Highlights:

  • No need VMware, automatically startup without license
  • Supports SAE J1850 Module Programming  
  • Supports latest ELM327 & J2534 software
  • Supports Toyota K-line & techstream without registeration
  • Calculate incode for pre-2010 vehicle for Free
  • Supports Ford trucks 12 V 1998-2006 with PWM protocol ( F series supported)
  • Online firmware update & Online software update and keep software latest always
  • Compatible with official diagnnostic software (IDS, TIS etc)

Fixed J1850 PWM protocol module programming bugs (Feb. 2021)
(Users can set reprogramming voltage to 18V on PIN 13 and do reprogramming for Ford J1850 PWM vehicle).

Whta is SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Interface ?

  1. High speed host communication. (3M bps)
  2. Stable host communication. (with RTS/CTS flow control)
  3. USB/802.11 selectable host communication.
  4. Compatible with original ford, Mazda,Toyota,Honda and Jaguar land rover software.
  5. SVCI J2534 is faster and more stable than genuine VCM II, running without registration, without need virtual machine installation. 

SVCI J2534 Technical Specifications:

Vehicle Protocols:
J1850 VPW
J1850 PWM(Ford SCP)
ISO11898 HS(500K BPS)
ISO11898 MS(125K BPS)
ISO15765 HS(500K BPS)
ISO15765 MS(125K BPS)
FEPS (Flash EEPROM Program Signal)

Supported software for SVCI J2534:

Ford IDS V125
Mazda IDS V124
Toyota TIS V15.00.026 
Land Rover/Jaguar SDD2 V160
Nissan Consult III Plus R2R V80.11

Software and QuickLoader can be found in download section from flyobd website.

Software Operation System: Win7 64bit, Win 8, Win 10
Mazda V125 Download Link
Ford V125 Download Link

Supported software for ELM327: 

ScanMaster-ELM V2.4.12

SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Tool System Requirement:


How to connect STIC SVCI with laptop and vehicle?
Product Appearance and Details
1.Vehicle connection of modeld DLC3 (OBDII-16)
2.Products information
3.Status LED:
   Work normal: Green LED flashes continuously slowly
   Firmware updating: Red LED flashes continuously quickly
4.PS Push Switch:
   Release: work ad ELM327 mode
   Pressed: work ad J2534 mode
5.Serial Number

SVCI J2534 Ford/Mazda IDS vs. Other Devices 
Function SVCI
Automatically startup without license   ●      
No virtual machine needed   ●    
Support online module programming    
Support online PATS/RKE learning    
Support SAE J1850 PWM 83.3K baud rate    
Support FEPS 18V programming voltage  
Support FEPS 5~20V adjustable voltage    
Support reading programming voltage    
Support EEC-V multiple items data logger   MY 1994~2000 Ford
Support PTEC multiple items data logger MY 2000~2006 Ford
Support SAE J1850 module programming     MY 1995~2006 Ford
Support power balance performance test   MY 1995~2006 Ford
Support CANBUS module programming MY2006~2018 Ford
Support online software update     Keep software latest
Calculate incode pre-2010 for free      

SVCI J2534 Toyota TIS vs. Other Devices 

Function SVCI
Automatically startup without license      
No virtual machine needed  
Support ISO15765 vehicle diagnostic  
Support ISO14230 vehicle diagnostic   MY1995~2006 Toyota
Support online software update     Keep software latest
Calculate smart system reset PIN for free      

Package includes:

1set x SVCI J2534 Diagnostic Tool

SVCI J2534 PCB Display:
SVCI J2534 PCB Display 1
SVCI J2534 PCB Display 2

Electric Vehicles Diagnostics

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How to install ELM327 software for SVCI J2534

How to install SVCI J2534 Ford IDS V125 on Windows 10

SVCI J2534 PATS online programming for Ford

Tech Support

Unregistered software. Expired data: XXX


When we are using the SVCI J2534 device, the following warning screen suddenly pops up. Don't worry, this warning window is a reminder that you need to upgrade your software to the latest version.

The solution:

step 1:  Uninstall current IDSFord/IDSMazda software and Ford/Mazda quickloader software.

step 2: Download the latest IDSFord/IDSMazda , Ford/Mazda quickloader and IDS_VCI(Ford/Mazda) driver from our download page.

step 3: Install these software you had download.

Now , you can run IDSFord/IDSMazda software from quickloader directly.




According to the above operation , if you still haven't solved your problem , and pop out the below error windwos. The main reason for below problem is that you did not install IDS_VCI driver,Please read step 2 carefully.


SVCI J2534 FAQs:

1. What is SVCI J2534?

SVCI J2534 are ford and mazda special diagnostic tool,it can support OEM IDSFORD and IDSMAZDA software runing without licence.


2. Can IDSFord and IDSMazda install the one OS(windows) together ?

IDSFord,IDSMazda,JLR and honda OEM software can not be installed in the one operating system, because the four software conflict with each other, if they installed in the one system will cause the software can not work.


3. Which model and which years are supported and whats functions can do?

SVCI J2534 support all the model and years of ford and mazda, it can also covers all the functions of OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda software.  It can replace the genuine VCM II tools.


4. How do I get OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda software?

   There are three ways you can get OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda software

   1)download them from our company website directly(keeping the latest version software)

   2)download them from IDSFord or IDSMazda offical website 

   3)getting IDSFord and IDSMazda software from CD that the seller send to you(Maybe it is old version software)


5. What language are includs for SVCI J2534 software?

Because SVCI J2534 is compatible with OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda software, so it does not depend on SVCI J2534 tool, but OEM software. OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda includs 23 language in the world. such as english,chinese,french,german,spanish...etc.


6. SVCI J2534 are compatible others software except OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda software?

SVCI J2534 is ford and mazda special diagnostic tools, but it also compatible FDRS,techstream(TIS) and forscan software. 


7. What OEM IDSFord and IDSMazda software version are supported by SVCI J2534 ?

SVCI J2534 support the software that are sychronous update with official software of ford and mazda.  Ford or mazda officially updates a large version every time, we will updates our quickloader in time so that our tools can be support the latest version software.


8. How to install SVCI J2534 software?

    Step 1: Download IDSFord or IDSMazda software

    Step 2: Download SVCI-J2534-for-ford or SVCI-J2534-for-Mazda software

    Step 3: Download IDS-VCI(Ford) or IDS-VCI(Mazda) software

    Step 4: install those software directly that downloads 


9. How to use SVCI J2534 tools?

After installing the software, connect SVCI J2534  to computer via usb cable and connect to your vehicle via SVIC J2534 OBD interface. and then load ids software from svci-j2534-for-ford/mazda quickloader.  The first time the software is loaded it asks you to fill in some information, which can be fill in anything that you want. Finally, the IDS software is loaded and then you can operate the IDS software to communication with your vehicles.


10. How to upgrade SVCI J2534 quickloader software or firmware?

Software or firmware upgrade divide online upgrade and offline upgrade.  

upgrade online:

If there have SVCI J2534 quickloader or firmware update when you load ids software from quickloader software and exit ids for one minutes , there will be pop a upgrade prompt, and then follow the upgrade prompt operation.


offline update:

if there have quickloader software update, you can download it on download page from our website, and install it directly.  if you want to upgrade fimware offline, please contact your seller or us for help.