V2019.03 Super MB STAR Dell D630 Format HDD Hard Drive adds Many Special Functions

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Product Description

Hard Disk for Super MB STAR V2019.03 Dell D630 Format is software for Super MB STAR, software version V2019.03. It works together with Super MB Star. It can only used on DELL D630 computer.

V2019.03 Super MB STAR Dell D630 Format HDD
Return Policy:
1. If you had already activated the hdd on www.supermbstar.com, we will deduct 100USD handling cost from the refund
2. If you return the hdd back without the dongle together, we will deduct 100USD handling cost from the refund


1. It is only one hard disk and it is DELL D630 format, so it can only used on DELL D630 laptop.
2. It works together with super mb star and it has usb key in the package.
3. Software version is 2019.03. Update on Super MB Star official website.


V2019.03 Super MB Star Update Feature:

1. Erase SCR ADBLUE fault code (in MR) with correct New FDOK XN
2. Nox Torque Limit Setting (in FR_CPC0) with correct New FDOK XT
3. Special Function Password Free for Transporter
4. Password Free & OFFLINE key teach-in program key transponder key Smart SAM451 &ETACS454 2016-12 UP
5. Add dev data and read codingstring in ESP 454
6. Add DevData&DeData in cu adaptation SAM451+DevData&ExtraCoding in cu adaptation ESP451
7. SMART SAM 450 & 452 Extra Functions Writing VIN & Development Status (inside control unit adaptation)
8. W204 available in DAS
9. Special Function Password Free (Cars, VANs, Sprtiners, etc.)
10. TRANSMISSION or GETRIEBE – EGS2 Diagnosis Routine password free
11. Audio Video Navigation and telematics – add Dev menu in COMAND APS
12. TRANSMISSION or GETRIEBE – EGS1 Special Function password free
13. Audio Video Navigation and telematics – HU Exchange Audio 50 to COMAND password free
14. Develop mode in full vehicle list
15. Online SCN Coding Free for 10 times (Need provide Super MB STAR S/N.)
16. Offline Coding / offline SCN coding available.

Super MB Star vs. Normal MB Star software:
  Super MB Star Normal MB Star
Internal HDD (SSD) Work with any laptops Work with DELL/ Lenovo laptops
Multiplexer Super MB Star C3 only MB SD Connect C4/C5
DAS Version  03/2019 09/2019
XENTRY Version 03/2019 09/2019
EPC Version 03/2019 09/2019
WIS Version 03/2019 09/2019
User Instructions Yes No
DAS Developer Mode Yes Yes
Password Verification
Yes Yes
Smart cars 450/451/452/454 450/451/452/454
EPC&WIS Alternation Yes Yes
Benz Trucks Compatibility Yes Yes
StarFinder 2108 Yes No
Super MB STAR Updater  ® V2.0.0.1 No
Parts List Price PL70 PL72
Online Update One year free online upgrade No
Online Verification Yes No
Develop mode Yes No
Smart cars program key Yes No
Xentry Developer Keygen Yes No
DAS Language 23 Languages all available ONLY ONE LANGUAGE COULD BE
Special Functions
Password Free
Cars, VANs, Sprinters, Transporter, Smart, Trucks Require password
Enable W204 in DAS Yes No
Special Functions Yes No
SBC Reset Function Yes No
TV Activate Function Yes No
Erase SCR ADBLUE fault
code (in MR)
Yes No
Nox Torque Limit Setting
(in FR_CPC0)
Yes No
OFFLINE key teach-in
Smart SAM451
Yes No
Audio Video Navigation
and telematics
Add Dev menu in COMAND APS / HU Exchange Audio
50 to COMAND
Online SCN Coding Free 10 Times Free No
DTS Monaco Yes No
Vediamo V5.1.1 Yes No
Online Support/ Remote
Working time online support by Teamviewer Email Support only

Package including:

1pc x Dell D630 HDD
1pc x USB KEY
1pc x Verification Letter with Password inside

V2019.03 Super MB Star Software Display:
Smart 454 key programming 
Truck functions
Adds W211 special functions
enable W204 in DAS with Special Function without Password

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