V86 Iprog+ Pro Car Key Programmer Odometer Correction Airbag Reset and ECU Programming Tool with Probes Adapters

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2 : V86 Iprog+ Pro Car Key Programmer Odometer Correction Airbag Reset and ECU Programming Tool with Probes Adapters
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Product Description

  1. With Probes Adapters for Iprog+ Pro.
  2. Supports Car Key Programming+Odometer Correction+ Airbag Reset+ECU Programming.
  3. The best programmer iprog Pro is designed to work with automotive microelectronics.

V86 Iprog+ Pro Car Key Programmer Odometer Correction Airbag Reset Tool + Probe Adapters

✔Working with odometers on OBDII connector

✔Working with odometers on the table through adapters

✔Working with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder 

✔Working with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking

✔Working with IMMO-Key Auto dumps

✔Working with the airbag computer, deleting crash data

✔Transfer readings from miles to km

✔Read and write processors and it's used in cars

✔ Removing the particulate filter in the dump

✔Working with keys to the intercom

✔Realign Pin cod from dump (some brands)
Control board number + scripts full Base number. Ability to update!

All adapters are tested for performance!

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

V85 Iprog+ Pro Software Free Download

Iprog+ Pro Software Display

V82 Iprog+ Pro
Iprog+ Pro V82

Packing List :

1pc x Iprog+ Main Unit
1pc x RFID 125+134 adapter
1pc x Eeprom adapter
1pc x UARTBDM adapter
1pc x OBD Cable
1pc x USB
1pc xCD
1set x Probes Adapters for Iprog+

How to use probes adapters?

SOP8 Adapter
6.0mm adapter
2.54mm adapter
3.0mm adapter
DIP8 adapter

Iprog+ Pro Car Key Programmer Features:

1. Functional: airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU, and special functions
2. Reasonable price: much cheaper than the original iprog+, but work as well as the original

iProg Functions:
1. Airbag:

Read and erase crashes to some cars
Read and erase DTC 
Repair CFG

2. Dashboard:

Read km 
Write a new km

3. Car Radio & ECU:

Car Radio:
Read and erase info 
Reset count

Immo OFF 
DPF off 

4. Eeprom:

Read/write/erase eeprom

5. Immo:

Program and copy chips for cars and trucks
Unlock keys
Cover Toyota smart keys: reset key prepare
Write a key by IMMO dump

6. Mcu:

Read and write chips
Cover chips Atmel, Fujitsu, and microchips Motorola, NEC v850

7. Special functions:

Mile to km
Pincode from dump

Iprog+ Pro Car Key Programmer  Connection:

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