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Product Description

KZYEE KM20 The ignition analyzer can be used to measure each cylinder speed of the car engine, high voltage ignition coil,free shipping with best price.
KZYEE KM20 Multisystem Ignition Analyzer

The ignition analyzer can be used to measure each cylinder speed of the car engine, high voltage ignition coil ignition voltage and the injection time of each cylinder. It is induction type, without dismantling any pats,you can test the general distributor type SPW and ignition coil type COP. It can dynamically display the parameters and display the maximum and minimum range

1.Measures RPM
2.Measures spark volt
3.Measures spark burn time
4.Advanced microcontroller technology
5.No ground wire connections required

KZYEE KM20 Special Features:
1. Capacitive pick-up
2. Flexible probe
3. Protective rubber holster
4. LCD display
5. Power ON/OFF/RESET button
6. Secondary Function/Capture button
7. Ignition system button
8. Main Function/Calibrate button
9. Engine Cycles button

KZYEE KM20 Functions:
1. Minimum and Maximum functions (For COP and SPW modes)
The MST1000 maintains a continuous record of the minimum and maximum readings of the function currently selected.To display the Minimum and Maximum readings of the main display, if not already selected press’ Secondary Function/Capture’ Button momentarily. To reset the Minimum and Maximum readings, press the ‘Power ON/OFF/Reset’ button momentarily. These values are also rest when turning to “0”
2. Spark KVOLT Calibration function (For Cop mode only)
The KM-2 0 requires the user to calibrate the instruments in order to measure spark KVOLT in coil on plug and coil near plug ignition systems.
This calibration uses the measurement values obtained during the procedure to find the optimal measuring parameters or a particular type of ignition module, and compensates for differences in waveform and signal strength.
Once the KM-20 has been calibrated on one of the ignition modules of the engine being diagnosed, all the subsequent measurement of spark KVOLT will be relative to the calibration value.
3.KM-20 Test Result Display

Function Measurement
Accuracy/ Repetitivity Input Characteristics
RPM 200 to 19999 RPM 2 and 4 cycles and DIS Accuracy:
 0.5%±1 LSD
Input Impedance:
100KΩ+ 1.5 nF
Input Protection:
±42 VDC Max.
Spark KV 0 to 50 Kv Repeatability:
3%±1 LSD
Spark burn time 0 to 10 ms Accuracy:

Package includes:

1pc x KZYEE KM-20 Main machine
1pc x User Manual

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