MST-SOS1 Handheld Jump Start Emergency Battery Charger for Phone Laptop and Car

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Product Description

MST-SOS1 Handheld Jump Start Emergency Supply

MST-SOS1 Handheld Jump Start Emergency Battery Supply for Phone Laptop and Car
Notice: We do not sell this device to Singpore and Taiwan
A.Products Introduction
1.1 Notes:
This manual is for the MST - SOS1 specification .The operation Manual for the MST - SOS1 is only provide instructions.It couldn't used for other instruments.
If it's not the MST - SOS1 itself quality problem,The list of as follows are not for free maintenance.For example,Users abuse,misuse,do STH without authorization remove,Repair the equipment,in accordance with the manual make the Repair and maintenance.Lost parts of MST-SOS1.
This product with wiring and joint only can be used for the testing instrument.It couldn't used for other testing instrument. please read this manual carefully before useing the testing instrument.
1.2  Function and usage:
With the popularity of electronic products and function, and improved the electronic products of power.The power consumption is also more and more big and the requirements of the battery is more and more high,Especially in mobile phones and laptop industry.Standby time belongs to one of the important selling point.Due to the limitation of the volume and weight,the battery has been long stand by the electronic industry is difficult to solve the problem.How to make your laptop, mobile phone to realize long standby during business trip,traveling and without power outdoor? MST - SOS1 can help you achieve all of this.
There are the situation of car battery not electric and cause the car can't start situation because of the rise of the automobile industry and popularity of the automobile,traffic jam,long distance driving,traveling outdoors.
Function:charging for the common mobile phone, notebook, and other 5 v, 12 v, 19 v electronic product.It could be used as a lighting and warning distress lamp as automobile starter emergency start power.
1.3  introduction

(pic 1)

(pic 2)

(pic 3)

1. portable rope
2. Input 14 v, 2A, 12V power Input, connection charger charging
3. Output 12 V, 2 A, 12 V power Output, for 12 V electrical charging interface
4. Output 5 V, 2 A, 5V power Output, for 5 V electrical charging interface (mainly for the most mobile phone charge)
5. Light SW, lighting and warning distress lamp switch.
6. Output SW power Output switch (the need for external electric charge must open the switch)
7. lamp, charge flicker, the light that has been full of electricity, electricity output display, 5 light is full charge, only a light suggests the need for charging
8. Output 19.5 V - 3.5 A Output, notebook charging interface
9. diffused light
11.automobile emergency start output interface

1.4  Parts illustration


1. the mainframe of MST-SOS1  
2.Adapter Connect 110 v or 220 v ac power
3.Mobile phone  main charger Connection mobile phones and main charging
4.SONY Ericsson mobile phone joint Connection mobile phones and mian  charging
5.MINI USB joint Connection mobile phones and main charging
6.Samsung mobile phone charge joint Connection mobile phones and main charging
7.Apple mobile phone charge joint
Connection mobile phones and main charging
8.Mini USB joint Connection mobile phones and main charging
9.NOKIA mobile phone charge joint
Connection mobile phones and main charging
10.Laptop main charger Connection notebook and charging plugs
11.HP dell, computer charge plug Connection notebook and charging plugs
12.Lenovo thinkpad charging plug Connection notebook and charging plugs
Lenovo computer charging plug
Connection notebook and charging plugs
Samsung computer charging plug Connection notebook and charging plugs
  Connection notebook and charging plugs
Emergency restarter plug  
Ignition charger  



B.operating instructions
1.Charging for MST-SOS1
Connection mthod 1:Power adapter joint 220 v or 110 v power supply. 2.connect with the MST-SOS1,2A interface,The charging indicator light flashing order,Until five light full light than Charge Complete
Charge Complete
2:Connect the car cigarette lighter,connect up Input12V in the MST-SOS1,2A interface,the charging indicator light flashing order,Until five light full light than Charge Complete
2. Car emergency start charging
First turn on the battery terminal in accordance with the positive negative properly connected well, as shown in figure:

And the positive negative properly connected, the direction can't put wrong (- Negative, + Positive)

Finally opened the car key to start the car can complete the car boot.Start the car must be after the MST - SOS1 plucked from the battery to Prevent charging.(Attention: Please make sure MST - SOS1 power in two or more taxiing to carry out emergency start)
3.Mobile phone charge
First turn on the USB connection connected to the emergency power supply USB interface (standard output5V-2 a as shown in figure). Then the USB line connected with mobile phones.Press the output sw button charging.General use 2000 mah battery cell phone,MST - SOS1 can give 3 ~ 5 mobile phone is full of electricity.

4.Notebook charging
1.Notebook charging:First turn on the laptop (such as lenovo pc) the special joint and wire connection as shown in figure
Connected to the emergency power supply (output19v - 3.5 A) outlet according to actual requirements of notebook , as shown, and then connecting thread ends connected to the notebook, as shown in figure

Finally press output sw button can complete charging operation. According to the notebook battery capacity size, It shows the notebook charging time and power different, generally USES 4000 mah battery notebook.It can give the notebook batteries electricity, do not use notebook batteries, single use MST - SOS1 to notebook continuous power supply can use 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours.
5.Lighting and warning distress lamp
According to the next light sw key,then the left plane lamp light,Press the secondary the right spot light,Take three times the left flat light and right measuring spot alternating lit,Press the four times the left flat light shining,Press the five times the left flat class and spot light at the same time,According to the long Light SW key 3 seconds closed Light.(Attention: The emergency power supply for high brightness of the light source, do not eyes to direct illuminate, in case of accident!)
C.Product specifications and maintenance
3.1.Product Specifications
This product uses a lithium ion polymer batteries, and product specifications are as follows

  Specifications remark
Battery capacity 4000mAh  
Charging voltage 12V-16V  
Charging current Standard charging:0.5C(2000mA) 0~40℃
Charging time time:2.0-3.hour  
Operating Temperature -20~40℃  
Storage Temperature -20~30℃  

 3.2. MST-SOS1 maintenance
Products are majorly made from Polymer lithium ion batteries. Which requires right maintenance. So you can get best usage and reliable security performance.
3.2.1 Charge and Discharge:
In case of reversing positive and negative. Otherwiese it will cause battery to leak ,fire and explose. Charging or temperature should be at the specified temperature environment. Stop charging immediately when the surface temperature over 50 ° C, Stop discharging immediately once surface temperature exceeds 70 ° C
3.2.2 Storage:
products should be stored in cool and dry environment. Long-term storage(more than 3 months), better put in a low 10℃-25℃ humidity and no corrosive gas environment. Charge every 3 months during long term storage.
3.2.3  Other Attentions:
No falling ,No impact, No Bending, No Sharp collide .in case of fire. No direct short-Circuit with positive and negative. No fall into fire and case of dangerous. Prevent from violent shaking.


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