AUTEL OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester Full System Diagnostic Tool with OBDII VCI Supports Battery Registration

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Product Description

  1. Lifetime Free Update Online
  2. Guided Battery Replacement function with memory reset
  3. BMS Reset- Get access to automatic battery registration and more
  4. Graphic Instruction for battery positioning and testing helps to locate the battery and perform the test quickly

AUTEL OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester with OBDII VCI and Battery Registration

AUTEL OTOFIX BT1 Highlights:

1. Lifetime Free Update Online
2. Print and Email Customised Report
3. BMS Reset: Broaden your service expertise
4. Smart System Detection: Bolster confidence
5. Comprehensive Systems Diagnostics, unleash more possibilities
6. Accurate Diagnostics: Advanced testing methods, more decisive results
7. Multi-Language Supported: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish
8. Dynamic Service Experience, Faster and Easier Operation: The BT1 offers a rich user experience with a large touchscreen and on-screen support resources
* Offers Simple Navigation
* Improve Service Effectiveness with Its 5.5-Inch Color LCD Screen

OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester

What Can OTOFIX BT1 Do for You?

1. Electrical System Reset
2. Auto Registration After Replacing Battery
3. All System Diagnosis by Paying for Subscription
4. Graphic Instructions for Battery Replacing and Testing
5. Guided Battery Replacement Procedure with Prompted Memory Reset
6. AutoVIN to Identify Battery Parameters


AUTEL OTOFIX BT1 - with its smart 5.5 in. touchscreen - enables you to examine your battery and electrical systems and register a new battery with the fastest, most convenient experience ever. Combined with OTOFIX Cloud Services, the OTOFIX BT1 provides a comprehensive battery analysis solution from diagnosis to repair.

AUTEL OTOFIX BT1 is a touchscreen Battery & Electrical System analyzer that applies an advanced battery analysis algorithm - Adaptive Conductance. Adaptive Conductance produces a more accurate examination of the battery's cold-cranking ability and reserve capacity, vital to determining a battery's true health. The diagnostic report can be customized with your personal or entity information.
OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester


1. TOP-LEVEL ACCURACY & QUICK TEST RESULTS: Exclusive adaptive conductance algorithm. 
2. Battery load tester, car cranking, and charging system analysis.
3. New battery registration to ECU.
4. Auto VIN entry, auto-detection of battery specifications through the built-in camera.
5. Built-in thermal printer and e-mail function to print and email customized reports.

Supported Battery Types

1. Battery Ratings:


2. Battery Types:

Test Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB, and GEL Batteries
Test 6- and 12-volt Batteries: 100 - 3000 CCA
Test 12- and 24-volt Cranking/Charging Systems

OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester


1. BMS Reset

Get access to automatic battery registration and more

2. Smart System Detection

Automatically identifies battery parameters and displays vehicle-specific battery locations by VIN
* AutoVIN: Battery parameters are identified when VCI is connected or VIN is scanned
* Guided Battery Replacement function with memory reset
* Graphic Instruction for battery positioning and testing helps to locate the battery and perform the test quickly

3. All System Accurate Diagnostics

Expand your tester to a comprehensive tool with all-system diagnostics. Adaptive Conductance test technology provides more accurate test results
* Reduce misdiagnosis
* Diagnose low-capacity batteries
* Reduce the need to charge and retest
* Read and clear codes for all available systems
* Covers 98% of the US, European, and Asian vehicle makes in the market

OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester


Review 1:
Completely standalone battery tester and electrical system analyzer
it's very handy and for both professional and personal use.
It comes in a hard plastic case, open it up, there is a V200 VCI for Bluetooth connection. It's said to test flooded or wet cell batteries and AGM aka absorbed glass mat as well as AGM Spiral and others. I have tried on a flooded battery. After starting the connection with the VCI and starting the engine, I attached the test leads to the battery and tab in the vehicle test, the tool recognized the application in seconds by the wireless VCI and detected VIN automatically, then it read the Battery Type, Battery standard, Battery capacity. Then the tool guided me through the steps required to initiate the in-vehicle test.

Review 2:
Peut fonction comme une valise diagnostic
je cherche un testeur batterie qui dit la vérite. Les testeur de moins de 50€ sur amazon ne function jamais et du coup je me suis dit cet fois faut trouver un bon produit . J'ai trouvé BT1 par hasard, il est cher comme un testeur de batterie mais pas du tout cher pour une valise diag qui peut effacer les codes

Operating System: Android 9
Screen Display: 5.5" LCD Touch Screen / 720*1280 Resolution
Storage: 32GB
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.1.1 a/b/g/n/ac) / USB 2.0 Type-C / BT5.0+EDR
Camera: 8MP
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Working Current: < 450 mA at 7.7 V DC
Internal Battery: 7.7V, 3000 mAh
CCA Range: 100 to 3000 A
Voltage Range: 1.5 to 36 V
Operating Temperature: 0° to 45°C
Storage Temperature: -10° to 60°C

Package List:

1pc x OTOFIX BT1 Main Unit
1pc x  Battery Clamp Cable
2pcs x Paper Roll
1pc x  Power Adapter
1pc x  USB Cable

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Tech Support

4 types of tests are designed to offer a complete analysis of your car batteries, namely in-vehicle testout-vehicle testbattery replacement and battery reset. For instance, if you’d like to run an in-vehicle test on a Toyota, here are the steps to follow:

1 Open the hood and find the battery.  

Tips:OTOFIX BT1 can help you locate the car battery.


2 Place the clamps on. Red to positive, black to negative.


3 Then select in-vehicle test function on your BT1 battery tester.

Make sure you are connected to an internet source. 



4 Input the vehicle’s information and vehicle’s battery type



BT1 can Automatically identifies battery parameters and displays vehicle-specific battery locations by VIN.

If you’ve worked on the vehicle before using this device, these fields will automatically be filled in.

If there’s no battery type listed on the battery, the default is “FLOODED”.
Tap Next.

6 Start the testing.

Thanks to its intelligent features and comprehensive step-by-step instructions, it is a quick and easy process that allows you to run a test in around 5 minutes.

The result will be shown like below. 



7 Save, print and e-mail your customised battery test result.  

With BT1 Battery Tester you can generate customised report with your own logo and garage information. 


 It will display the information in report format which allows you to either view it as a pdf or send it as an email. Print it out and hand the report to the customer if needed. The report will also automatically save and you can view it in Data Manager if you need to retrieve it later.


If you are looking for a simple and intelligent car battery tester for your vehicle, OTOFIX BT1 is the only one you need to perform battery tests and diagnostics quickly and efficiently.