For PCMtuner Users Stage 2- Modifying Car Intake and Exhaust System Function

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Product Description

  1. No real shipping. ECU chip tuning service only. 
  2. Stage 2 for modifying intak and exhuast system of the car 
  3. Read out the flash data of the ecu + car model + ECU model, product serial number and send them to sales@OBDII365.COM
PCMTuner Stage2 Tuning for Modifying Intak and Exhuast System Car

No real shipping.
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For stage2, the price for modifying car's intake and exhaust system function is 110 USD.

Stage 2 for modifying intak and exhuast system of the car 

Stage 2 Power boost second-stage procedure: The turbo engine continues to improve, requiring the replacement of spark plugs, ignition coils, intake, exhaust (head section),  the strengthening of large and medium cooling and other modified parts, to achieve a 5%-10% increase on the basis of the stage 1.

Tips to use:
  1. Read the Flash data of the ECU via the pcmtuner software.
  2. Read out the flash data of the ecu + car model + ECU model, product serial number and send them to sales@OBDII365.COM, verify that the payment has been finished, and submit them to the factory for revision [explains your needs]
  3. The ECU Flash data processed by the factory is sent back to the customer, and is written to the ECU via pcm tuner.
Check: Pcmtuner ecu data processing service process
PCMTuner Stage 3 ECU Chip Tuning for Big Turbo Changed Car 1
PCMTUner stage 2 chip tuning

Tuning & Mods Stage 2

HP Gains: 25-200+ horsepower

Mods Required: Tuning, Intake, Exhaust

Stage 2 is where things can become a lot different depending on the specific car in question, tuning company, and other factors. What is fair to say is that stage 2 tuning and mods are more aggressive. Stage 2 tunes are usually designed for use with other modifications. It’s a good idea to already have the basic stage 1 mods like an intake and exhaust.

Then you add in more mods like headers for NA engines or downpipes for turbo engines. Cooling system upgrades like a FMIC are common stage 2 mods, too. The list goes on and on, and we’ll provide a list in the stage 2 summary like we did above.

These are still fairly simple bolt-on mods that take things a step further than stage 1. We’re not quite to the point of adding forced induction or upgrading stock turbos or superchargers. Stage 2 is typically where you’re looking to maximize power and performance before moving onto more serious, expensive mods.

It’s a little confusing since there can often be a large variety in stage 2 tuning and mods. Some engines may be considered stage 2 with a tune, intake, and headers. Another may still be stage 2 but have even more mods such as cams, intake manifold, fuel pump and injector upgrades, etc.



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