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Product Description

VP-496 is a reliable, high speed, high performance and low cost advanced universal programmer. It support multi-language, can work on WindowsXP /Vista /Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) / Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit).

Original VP496 VP-496 Universal Programmer

Support Operating System: WindowsXP /Vista /Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) / Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit) 

Multi-Language Supported: English/Italian/Dutch/ Korean/Portuguese (Brazil)/Turkish/ Hungarian/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
Product Description
VP-496 is a reliable, high speed, high performance and low cost advanced universal programmer. Integrated menu-driven interface, supports seven languages. Load, edit and save files is extremely convenient. Supports dozens of manufacturers of PLD, E (E) PROM, FLASH, MCU and other tens of thousands of programmable devices. Testable TTL & CMOS standard logic devices and memory. This programmer can be used as signal generator generates a square wave signal as a frequency meter can measure the frequency. This program is suitable for electronic product development, mass burning chips, mobile phones, computers, car repair and so on.
Programmer Hardware Features:
1. Power supply: Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz Output DC 9V/1.5A
2. Standby current: <200 mA; Working Current :250-350mA.
3. Using lead-free solder, using a transparent shell, meet environmental standards with flame retardant ABS material functions
4. Programming Module can 4-pin to 48-pin DIP devices for programming or testing.
5. Via optional adapter, can support 4-pin to 64-pin package devices variety.
6. 48-pin locking socket of U.S. imports.
7. Device algorithm entirely by software, USB interface, with automatic online upgrade function, effectively protect user investment interests.
8. A perfect over-current protection circuit, short-circuit will not damage the chip programmer.
9. For most chip reader can no external power supply.
10. Built-in high-speed microcontroller, automatic calibration data, to ensure system reliability.
11. High-speed programming, burn P89C58, blank check erase + + + programming + authentication encryption, only 1.9 seconds.
Programmer Software Features:
1. Chip extremely detailed information, including the package diagram, chip model nomenclature and adapters available.
2. Chip select provides manufacturers logo, can help users quickly find clearer chips.
3. English online help system, user-friendly.
4. file formats automatically recognized.
5. Automatic detection chip inserted backwards, plug the wrong, and poor contact pin chip internal short circuit and other functions.
6. After having set the chip access to reliable automatic programming function, easy to mass production.
7. Programming parameters can be modified according to the specific conditions of the chip programmed parameters.
8. Supports ISP programming.
9.Automatic recognition memory manufacturers and models.
10.Chip serial number automatically increased functionality.
11. Select the model according to the manufacturer or in accordance with the manufacturer's two-way choice model selection method can automatically search for selected devices.
12. Fast editing buffer, block copy, block fill, high and low byte swapping, the string search functions.
13  Provide flexible document, cache management functions. Enabling file into memory automatically cleared, splicing into multiple files and so on.
14. Supported file formats: JEDEC, BINARY, MOTOROLAS, TEKTRONIX, INTEL, HOLTEK, EMC (. CDS), INTEL HEX16 format.
15. Supports byte (BYTE), word (WORD), double word (DOUBLE WORD) format data files automatically separated.
16. Can test TTL & CMOS standard logic devices and memory. Standard logic devices can automatically determine the model.
17. Contains test vectors Editor provides open to users of the test database structure, users can add their own test.
18. Complete self-test function, to ensure the hardware intact. Programming can be functional testing.
Package List:
1 x VP496 programmer
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Program CD
1 x DC power supply

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