(US Ship No Tax) Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Key Programmer Plus Autek IKey820 Universal Car OBD Key Programmer with Free Tokens

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Product Description

  1. Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Key Programmer Plus Autek IKey820 Universal Car OBD Key Programmer with Free Tokens,makes your job easily.
  2. Free Gift: 2pcs VVDI XEDS01EN Super Remote
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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Key Programmer Plus Autek IKey820 Universal Car OBD Key Programmer with Free Tokens

V1.0.6 Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Key Programmer

Key Tool Max Function:
  • Generate remote and smart key
  • Program and Immo transponder
  • Generate speical transponder
  • Renew remote
  • File Make Key
  • Recognize and copy access card
  • Generate and copy garage remote
  • Frequency detection and copy remote
  • Connect to Xhorse key cutting machine
  • Special functions  (VVDI Special TP, Unlock Toyota Smart Key, Special 4D to 4C, ID63 to ID83, VVDI smart key clone, VVDI remote repair calibration etc)

Generate transponder,Transponder Clone, Generate Remote,Remote Clone, OBD matching transponder/remote/smart card.
The port which is used to connect the programmer is reserved. After the expansion, the chip can be written start data, and the operation of the IC reading data is equivalent to the function of the tango.
KEY TOOL MAX can be connected with Condor Dolphin XP-005 key machine via bluetooth, to be used like operating screen of Dolphin XP-005.


VVDI Key Max Parameter

Battery capacity: 3375mAh
Battery life>6 hours
Standby time>5 days
Recharging current: 1500mAh
Screen resolution: 1280*720P
Camera resolution: 800W

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Key Programmer for AUTEK IKEY820

Original Autek IKey820 Universal Car Key Programmer 

Top 5 Advantages of Autek IKey 820:

1. Free Tokens
2. Online update on http://www.autektools.com/index.html
3. All by OBD, no soldering, no EEPROM
4. No battery issue, plug and program keys
5. Read Pin Code, all keys lost, add and erase keys
(500 tokens in default. 200 free tokens can be added each time when used up)

Covers over 60 car makers.

Online update!  All by OBD, no soldering, no EEPROM plugin and program keys!  Read Pin Code, AKL = ALL keys lost, add keys, erase keys!!

Autek IKey820 Key Programmer features:

1.Year model up to 2018
2.Provide Roadside key& Remote Programming for Drivers
3.Read & Clear Fault Codes
4.Clear Ley Memory
5.Program Proximity& Non-Proximity Keys
6.Program Smart Keys
7.Program Plip Keys
8.Program Aftermarket& OEM keys
9.Program Aftermarket& OEM Remote Key Fob’s
10.Read Immobilizer Pin-Codes From Engine ECU or Body Control Module
11.Read Pre-Code data from engine ECU or Body Control Module
12.Professional Car Key Programming for locksmith, garage, and car body repair centers
13. Operating system: Linux

Main Highlights:

- Bypass 10 min on most Ford Models!
- Program Ford 128 bit system up to 2018 - Keys & Prox
- 2013 Dodge Ram Read Pincode + Program Fobik & Prox
- Jeep Cherokee and Renegade 5 pincode read and program
- Bypass Mazda incode/ outcode up to 2018
- Bypass Nissan 20 digit up to 2018
- Read Pincodes on most Chrysler group vehicles

Autek IKey820 Car Key Programmer Coverage:

Asia Car List

For Acura, For Honda, For Hyundai, For Kia, For Infiniti, For Isuzu, For Lexus, For Mazda, For Mitsubishi, For Mitsuoka, For Nissan, For Subaru, For Suzuki, For Toyota

Europe Car List

For Alfa-Romeo, For Audi, For Bentley, For Citroen, For Fiat, For Jaguar, For Land Rover, For Maserati, For MG, For DS Peugeot, For Porsche, For Renault, For Ford, For Opel, For Volkswagen, For Scion, For Smart

America Car List

For Buick, For Cadillac, For Chevrolet, For Chrysler, For Jeep, For Ford, For GMC, For Hummer, For Lincoln, For Mercury, For Pontiac, For Dodge

Pin code Supported

For Alfa-Romeo, For Audi, For Bentley, For Buick, For Cadillac, For Chevrolet, For Chrysler, For Citroen, For Dodge, For DS, For Ferrari, For Fiat, For Ford(AUS), For Ford(USA), For GMC, For Hyundai, For Infiniti, For Jaguar, For Jeep, For Kia, For Land Rover, For Maserati, For Nissan, For Opel, For Peugeot,  For Porsche, For Renault, For Seat, For Skoda, For Smart, For Suzuki, For Toyota, For Volkswagen 


Add-On Software available.

  1. Licences For Ford 2018+ and Toyota G & H chip at $249
  2. Licences for GM 2017+License at $249
How to activate and update Autek Ikey820?
How to add free tokens to ikey820?
IKEY 820 Update Log

Autek Official Authorized Dealer 

Package List:

1pc x VVDI Key Tool Max device
1pc x USB cable
1pc x Remote generate cable
1pc x User manual
1pc x Tool box
1pc x AUTEK Ikey 820 Main unit
1pc x Main cable
1pc x honda-3
1pc x kia-20
1pc x HY/KIA
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Certificate


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