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Product Description

  1. The Yanhua simulator can simulate 35 series memory Supports 35080, 35160 chip. Free Shipping with best price.

Yanhua BMW 35080 and 35160 Programmer Emulator 

Comes with an independent program which can adjust mileage directly. Support the following EEPROM models: M35080/M35080-3/M35080-6/M35080V6 /M35080VP/080DOWQ/080DOWT/160DOWQ/ 160DOWT/35160WT EEPROM

Stand alone device. Don't need to work with other software/hardware. 

The simulator can simulate 35 series memory 35080, 35160 chip
Operating Instructions:

1:Chip Soldering
Solder the 35XX chip on the meter to the specified location of the simulator, pay attention to the chip direction.
2:New folder 
Add a new folder on your desktop, for example, named "mileage modification."
3: Simulator connection
Connect the emulator to the Mini usb cable, plug in the computer usb interface, and a USB flash drive with the name (35xxx memory) on the computer "has removable storage device" be added.
4: Decompress the modification tool
Open the (35xxx memory) U disk, copy compressed the file of 35xx mileage modification tool .rar and put to the desktop “mileage modification” folder, and then decompress it to the current folder to get the file of 35xx mileage modification tool .exe .
5: Copy the original data to "mileage modification" folder on the desktop .
According to the model of the original car chip, select the corresponding original data and copy it to the“mileage modification” folder
on the desktop.
(If the original car chip is 35080, choose 35080 raw data.bin, if the original car chip is 35160, then choose 35160 raw data. bin)
6: Open the mileage modification tool
Open the “mileage modification” folder, press the left mouse button to drag the original data to the modification tool or double-click to open the “35XX mileage modification tool”, drag the original data into the tool interface and press Enter to confirm.
7: Modify mileage
Enter the mileage data you want to modify as prompted (note the mileage you want to put with a unit ,like XXXkm or XXXmi), then press Enter to confirm, and the new file 35xxx raw data _yyyy.bin will be automatically generated.
8: Copy the modified data to the "35XX memory" U disk
Open the "35XX Memory" USB flash drive, delete the 35xxx simulated data  .bin file of the corresponding chip (note the "simulated" data file), and then copy the 35xxx original data _yyyy.bin file generated in the "mileage modification" folder to the "35XX memory" U disk.
9: Data comparison
Re-plug the simulator, open the "35XX memory" U disk, compare the newly generated simulated data of the corresponding chip and the modified data in the "mileage modification" folder. If the data is the same, the operation is successful. Solder the simulator to the instrument chip location.
Tip: The copied raw data.bin file is recommended to be saved to the computer, so that the data can be recovered when the operation is wrong. If the operation is abnormal, don't be nervous. Unplug the usb and plug it back to restore normal.

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How to change mileage M35XXX using 35080 35160 Simulator

Tech Support

Here’s the guide to change mileage on M35160 eeprom, same operation goes to M35xxx series.

Note: The yanhua simulator is stand-alone. No need to work with other software program or hardware.


Solder the 35XXX chip on the dash meter to the specificed location of the simulator
Pay attention to the chip location.



Connect the Yanhua emulator to the Mini USB cable and connect the usb cable with computer via USB port


Create a new folder “mileage modification” on desktop


Open M35xxx memory U disk


Copy “M35xxx-Mileage modification tool” zip file and paste it to “mileage modification” folder on desktop

Then extract the file to current folder



Open “English” folder on U disk

Cut and paste “35160 original” file to “mileage modification” folder


Then open with M35xxx-Mileage modification tool by simply dragging the file to it


Then the prompt program will show the current odometer information,i.e  current mileage: 102385km


Enter the mileage you desired (within one million) and add a unit km (kilometer) or mi (mile), i.e 1234mi


There will be a new file “35160-1234mi” generated on “mileage modification” folder


Delete the “35xxx simulated” file on U disk


Cut and paste the new generated data file “35160-1234mi”  from “mileage modification” folder to U disk


Replug the Yanhua 35160/35080 emulator 



Then open the M35xxx memory U disk again

The new data file “35160-1234mi” will be automatically renamed to “35160 simulated”


Open “35160 simulated” file in U disk and open “35160-1234mi” mileage modification folder to make a data comparison



If the data is the same. The emulator operation is successfully completed. Mileage correction is done.


Finally solder the simulator to the instrument.

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