Xhorse products customer review

xhorse product ,especially the VVDI2 ,VVDI MB BGA TOOL AND VVDI PROG are very good .i have the 3 product ,i can tell you is very cheap for the money and is not up to 2500 euro as you said.

is true the company still have some work to make it better and fix some bugs .for now you can have a try.the VVDI full version has Tango funtion for keys
it can programme most new latest BMW,, VAG CARS ,some with obd2 and some with special cables on the bench .it also has remote programmer but the problem is only the keys i bought from the company that i was able to program with the remote software. really i have no regrett on the tools. 

you can check this link: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/brand-xhorse/