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Xtool PS701 OBDII JOBD Japanese Scanner Diagnostic Tool

Xtool PS701 OBDII JOBD Japanese Scanner Diagnostic Tool

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Xtool PS701 JP scanner is a diagnostic tool for all Japanese cars, it supports diagnosing TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, SUBARU, SUZUKI, and NISSAN.

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PS701 JP Scanner Manual English
Xtool PS701 OBDII JOBD Diagnostic Scan Tool Review:

A Simple Tool That Quickly Provides Specific Details

Xtool PS701 is a moderately priced car diagnostic tool and it works quite well. It is intended for use on foreign cars - so, before you purchase, make sure that your car has a connector that fits one of the 3 included adapters (see picture attachment). Most will have the standard 16-pin OBD-II connector. The connector should be located under the dash and legally should have nothing covering it. Look below the steering column, on the lower dash above the clutch pedal, or possibly behind the ash tray.

All cars & small trucks sold in the United States after 1/01/1996 are required to be OBD II Equipped. Many vehicles built in 1995 are also ODB II compliant.
NOTE: "ODB" stands for: On Board Diagnostics. "DTC" stands for: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

You are able to determine if your vehicle is ODB II equipped in two ways:
1) There will be an OBD II connector located within 3 feet of the steering column
2) There is a note on a sticker or nameplate located under the hood: "OBD II compliant"

Once you plug the cable into the tool & into the vehicle's connector, the tool will automatically turn on. The screen is nicely back-lit and is very easy to read. While the tool is rather simple, I do suggest following the steps in the manual. The tool quickly displays readings for any errors your car may be registering on the dash & allows you to turn off the check engine light (or other errors) if you so choose. I personally recommend being very cautious about shutting off the check engine light. This tool does not actually fix any issue, but simply educates you as to the specific cause / reason for the light to display.

This more expensive tool comes with a carrying case which is extremely convenient. It is also compatible with more vehicles which means it is a tool you can use for years to come as you purchase new vehicles - or, just let your friends use it when they experience error messages on their cars.

My main frustration with this tool is that it provided several menus that were not in the instruction manual and listed many acronyms that I then had to search the internet for. The screen is plenty large enough for words to be written out in English / long form - there is no need for them to appear as acronyms. Overall, I found this tool very convenient for investigating error messages on the dash before taking my Mazda to a mechanic. I find that it is always good to have as much information as possible so that I can troubleshoot on my own and can also ensure the work I am paying for is truly needed.

Note: I am not affliated with the seller.