Customer review on MB SD C4 and Dell D630

We are happy to share a great review on MB SDconnect c4 with dell d630 bundle, by an Australian customer, Dennis Apelt.

I bought one of these full kits after doing a lot of research from various vendors. People always responded quickly, answering all questions I had. Shipping was very quick although DHL tracking didn’t work until package had arrived (approx. 3 days).

The Dell630 is understandably old, and had be resprayed (painted) but is otherwise fully functional. The latest MB software was installed and everything seems to work OK right out of the box, which is exactly as stated.

Cables, connectors and mux all appear to be pretty good quality, although the C4 didn’t have batteries installed (not sure you really need these anyway).

Wireless connection to the MB SD C4 seems to be intermittent – I got a few disconnects and crashes in Xentry (javaw.exe) on wireless, but on cable it has worked consistently well so far.

For people considering buying a kit like this for newer cars (e.g. New C Class), the only advice I can give is that the Xentry software on modern cars will only let you do tests – (i.e. No Adaptations or coding); everything requiring change will need Online SCN coding. It’s a great toolkit to have for diagnostics alone though.

Overall – I can highly recommend buying from this vendor since everything was as advertised, plus you have fast response on emails if you have issues or questions.