Genius K-touch OBD2 MAP ECU chipping Win 7 installation

Genius K-Touch 5.005 MAP OBD2 ECU chip tuning tool by This K-TOUCH installation is finished on Win 7.


New Genius software free download:

(available on WIN 7, XP)


Operation system: Windows 7/ xp

Multi-languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian


Video guide:

How to install new genius on win 7:

How to install new genius on windows xp:


Main steps to install New Genius OBD2 ECU programmer on Win 7:

Step 1 Disconnect network connection

Step 2 Install WinRAR

Step 3 Install RaceEVO (rev. 431 build 829)

Step 4 Install k-touch

Step 5 Replace RaceLoc.dll

Step 6 Run K-Touch to read and write


Step 1 Disconnect network connection

Please disconnect network connection when installing and using K-Touch.


Step 2 Install WinRAR

Go to K-Touch disk.

Open wrar362.

Click Install to begin WinRAR 3.62 installation.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7(1)

Click Select all and OK.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7 (2)

Click Done. WinRAR installation complete.


Step 3 Install RaceEVO (rev. 431 build 829)

Back to K-Touch disk.

Copy the folder K-Touch software to Desktop.

Eject K-Touch disk.


Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.

Open setup1->fscommand->Setup_RaceEVO.

Installing Aware Wizard…

Select language. Click OK.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7 (3)

Click Next.

Updating your system…

Click Next.

RaceEVO PC requirement: Windows XP SP3 with 1GB memory. Click Next.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7 (4)

Enter Dimensione Sport Customer code: C7535. Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Updating your system…

Windows security: select Install this driver software anyway.

Cancel tick on “Run RaceEVO (rev. 431 build 829) Setup1 now”. Click Finish. RaceEVO installation complete.

Delete Race2000 on Desktop.


Step 4 Install k-touch

Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.

Open setup2.

Click Extract (left button).



Open k-touch on Desktop.

Fatal error: invalid version of RaceLoc.dll. Click OK.


Step 5 Replace RaceLoc.dll

Open the folder K-Touch software on Desktop.

Extract setup3.

New file RaceLoc.dll.

Open Computer->disk C:->User->SZpr.

Go to menu bar, select Organize->Folder and search options.

Select View.

Click Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Click ok.

Open AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0. And delete RaceLoc.dll.

Cut new file RaceLoc.dll from folder K-Touch software to Computer->disk C:->User->SZpr->AppData\Local\DimWare\RaceEVO\7.0.

(Note: the path may be different because of different Win 7 user’s name or Win 7 system in other languages)


Step 6 Run K-Touch to read and write

Open k-touch on Desktop.

Software license: click Accept definitely.

Update database and enable technical features within 3 days. Click No.

Open Computer management.

Select Device manager->universal serial bus controllers->dimsport – New Genius device.

Back to k-touch standard.

Go to menu bar. Select K-Touch->Explore…

K-touch connection display.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7 (5)

GENIUS is not updated. Click OK.

Select folder FILE->Read->DF.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7 (6)

Save on Desktop.

Extract header? Click No.

Close interface with DF file.

Select 1015 & 12222 to save, the same operation.

Back to folder FILE and open Write.

Select import file and click OK.

New-Genius-K-Touch-on Win-7 (7)

Open file DF saved just now.

The same operation to open 1015 & 12222.

Delete file 12222, 1015, DF.

Close the Genius (hand-held KESS V2) ecu chip tuning kit interface to exit from K-Touch.